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Author: Christine Rudolph
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Tired of seeing the same balcony every day? Tired of visiting your garden or parking lot and
seeing the same bits and pieces? Say no more! It’s time for a change, and this time a fresh and exciting one! We have some fun and creative ways to make your home’s exterior even better.

Some of them will require some shopping and some of them will be as easy as a 10-minute craft. You could possibly find potential decorations already in your home, so be ready for a bit of searching. You can either go for renovating your vertical garden. Vertical gardens are a very important feature of your outdoor renovation. You can experiment with these techniques your own way too and tweak them a bit if you like. It is important for your creative side to come out during this process because that is one thing you will need! Till then sit back and relax while we go over some tips:

  • Cover the basic concrete floor


Start with the basics. Get rid of the boring grey concrete floor and cover it up with wooden tiles, patterned rug or maybe some paint. For some texture, you may want to add artificial grass. The artificial grass would look good with some real or artificial flower pots too! Remember to place a rug or two in the corner. 

  • Set up a Patio


Try this old-school aesthetic with some antique brown furniture. The vibes patios give are un-matched. A chilly Sunday evening with your family, some coffee and a good topic to chat on are all you need to refresh your mind. 

  • Hammock 


This creative Do It Yourself (DIY) technique can turn out to be a really good chill spot for you to have a quick read or just relax on a summer afternoon. You just need some drop cloths and some towels to make this chair. You can get all the step by step guides online on how to make them either on home blogs, Pinterest or even YouTube. Hammocks are a really nice place to have an afternoon nap or even have an afternoon reading with your favorite novels. 

  • Hang pots of herbs and flowers


Greenery is always good to have around. You can add herbs such as coriander, mint, tarragon, etc. This way you can enjoy and use the herbs in the food you make at home and add to the scenic beauty of either your balcony or your parking lot. You can even add pretty colored flowers on the pots. 

To make it more colorful, you can spray paint the pots with colors and add some patterns on them too. Do not forget to experiment with the color of the ropes! You can incorporate re-cycling in this technique and instead of sand pots; you could use cans, oil containers, etc.

  • Lighting


Strings of LED lights are cool, yes, but you can make something more creative and beautiful yourself with Ping-Pong balls. You do not need a lot of items to make this cute object. This will set a mesmerizing outlook to your summer evening. 

  • Hanging Chair


A slight transformation to the hammock, this hanging chair has a couple of pillows and a neck pillow too. These are easily available at departmental stores. We suggest getting a pastel-colored chair with white or off-white couches. Remember your drill to hange it to the ceiling.

  • Big stones and rocks


These will look good in one of the corners of your garden. Stack up big rocks with small pebbles on the top. Some strands of grass and flowers around it would suit the atmosphere. If you have a water fountain already, this would look even better with it. 

  • Glam up your walls


Attach antique frames or modern paintings to your walls. You can even paint them up using texture or add a wall-paper. One more creative way is to paste your personal Polaroid pictures from your vacations.