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4 Things To Keep In Mind When You’re Decorating Your Home

Decorating your home is a big, important, and exciting project. It’s one of the things that makes a house into the place you call your own, or adds more value to a property you’re going to say goodbye to. 

I’ve given you four important things to consider when you’re decorating your home, from giving thought to whether you’ll have a theme to thinking about your longterm plans. 

I’ve included some questions you’ll need to answer, so be prepared to really think about how you’re going to decorate your home. 

Give thought to whether you’re going to have a theme 

Decorating themes are a love or hate thing for many people. But I’m not passing judgment, simply pointing out that you do need to give it some thought. Why? Because it will inform a lot of the decisions you make. 

If you opt for a theme then everything needs to have an order. You can’t pick items and colors simply because you like them, they need to really work with the rest of the things you choose for your home. 

If you decide against a theme and you can simply go with what feels right, picking tables, chairs, rugs, etc, just because you like the look and feel of them. a

One thing you might want to do is see what your friends and family are doing. 

Do their homes follow a theme? If so, how rigid is it and do you like how it makes their home? If their homes have no theme, does it feel disorganized and hollow? 

These are all useful questions that will help you decide whether a theme is right for you. 

Think about the long term plans you have 

It’s pretty simple – is your long term plan to stay in your home or go elsewhere? 

I touched upon this earlier and it’s one of the boring parts of decorating, but it’s essential. Why? Well, because decorating can be expensive and you need to ask yourself if you’re doing it for yourself or the next occupant? 

If it’s the former then this gives you freedom. You can do as you please, picking the furniture, flora, and freshness of color that makes you feel happy. 

However, if it’s the latter then this could have a big impact on your decorating plans.

If you’re renting then there’s really no point in making expensive changes that you can’t take with you to your next home – while you get a short to mid-term benefit, the real winner from your hard work is the person you’re renting from. 

This doesn’t stop you from decorating, but it shifts the focus on to things you can take with you – such as furniture, paintings, and other ornaments. 

If you’re a homeowner then your decorating choices could be influenced by increasing the worth of your property. You may have spoken to a neighbor who’s already on the market, a family member who’s looking to buy, a professional mortgage broker like Breezeful (a valuable source of advice on property value during the process), or one of your realtor friends and established that you need to boost the value of your current home in order to buy your next one. 

This shifts your perspective onto solid investments, like getting a brand new kitchen or taking the right steps to improve your existing cabinets, flooring, etc… so that you can make your home more attractive for buyers. 

Thinking about the longterm plans you have for your home isn’t very exciting. But it’s worth doing because it will make sure you approach the process in a way that helps you get maximum value from your decorating.

Decide what you’re going to do about the furniture 

Furniture is about comfort for some and that’s just fine. But it’s also one of the most important parts of decorating because it helps shape your rooms and can define your home. 

Furniture is one of the first things people take into account when they enter your home. 

Think to yourself now what happens when you enter a new home. Sure, you’ll notice the carpet by the door and the paintings on the wall, but when you truly start taking information in when you’re sat down – if that chair or sofa is uncomfortable it can affect your thoughts about the home. 

This means you must make some important decisions about your furniture. Do you prize style or comfort? Do you want to buy new items or renovate your old furniture? 

Something to think about when you’re seeking answers to these questions is how long you plan on staying in your home. 

For example, if you’re renting a place then you might not want to spend time on things like cupboards or door handles, as you probably won’t take them with you. 

However, if you own your home your decorating with a view to selling it then it might be sensible for you to get your cabinets painted, as this is a cost-effective way to increase its value. 

This means that now might be a good time to really give thought to your future plans. 

Consider the role nature will play in your home 

Nature might be an afterthought for you, but it really shouldn’t be. Nature has a transformative effect on your home, and you need to consider if it’s going to play a leading, supporting, or extra part in how you decorate. 

Nature brings warmth, health, and happiness into your home. 

There’s science behind this idea too, namely, that plants are an excellent, natural source of oxygen. This means that having more ferns, bonsai, or cacti, in your home gives you cleaner air and a clearer head.

I recommend that you do two things when researching what plants to put in your home. 

Firstly, find out what plants are best for increasing oxygen levels. Secondly, think carefully about where you position your plants. 

This second point isn’t simply about appearances. The air you breathe has an impact on how you think, work, feel, and sleep, so it makes sense to put plants in the right places in your home – close to your bed is one of the obvious examples. 

Of course, it may be that you don’t want any plants in your house because they don’t fit the theme or ambiance you’re aiming for. 

That’s your decision and I respect that. However, given the benefits they offer, I really suggest you at least give plants a second thought. 

Considering the theme, furniture, plants, and long-term planning that works best for your home might not be the most exciting ways to go about decorating, but they’re all things that provide real value. 

So, before you dive into decorating your home, think carefully about all the points I’ve raised and answer all the questions I’ve put to you. 

Once you’ve done this you can get started, safe in the knowledge that you’ll decorate in the best way possible for today, tomorrow, and beyond.