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Designing and decorating your home interior is a never-ending process, whether you’ve lived in your home for decades or just moved in. But when it comes to tackling a big, blank and boring white wall, it can get a bit tricky to choose the right creation. It gives you a great opportunity to fill an empty wall with something that will enhance and enrich your existing design and make your house feel like a home. 

To help you choose the best idea, here’s a list of several creative suggestions. 


Paint your walls

Before you start with applying your design of choice, it makes sense to first prep the wall and give it a fresh coat of paint. Then you could create an accent wall by painting an interesting pattern such as vertical or horizontal stripes, circles, herringbone pattern or play with faux painting ideas.
It’s a pretty easy and straightforward job that requires some wall paint, painter’s tape, a level and a pencil, ladders and a protective cover for the floor. But, if this sounds too messy and complicated, you can always hire experts and leave it to the pros to deliver a wall masterpiece.

living room decor

Install wall panels

If you’re looking to add more dimension and texture to your blank wall, consider installing 3D wall panels made of gypsum to completely transform the atmosphere of your room. Such a wall with decorative, textured paneling will give a unique appearance to any room and create a statement piece where once was nothing. 3D wall panels have versatile use and allow you to put the focus on a particular area and create an illusion of dimension and depth. Coming in a variety of textured patterns, from ripples and waves to cubes and abstract geometric shapes, these panels give a room a distinctive aesthetic. Combined with suitable lighting, their dimensionality is fully accented.
They can be used in a sequence across the entire wall in order to create a continuous shape or they can cover only a section of a wall, such as above a fireplace or as an art display. The choice is yours especially with the option of working together with a designer to create a unique sketch based on your vision.

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DIY projects

Decorating a blank wall is a perfect opportunity to display your artistic flair and do some DIY such as a wall tapestry. These can add a ton of warmth, texture and interest to a white-walled room. There are lots of online tutorials that can teach you how to make a tapestry or you might even find a local arts and crafts course where they teach weaving.
For a smaller blank wall, you could opt for decorating it with Washi tape, a masking tape made of Japanese rice paper that comes in a variety of sizes, colours and patterns so you can easily match it to your existing colour scheme.
Finally, a cool way of decorating a blank wall is by displaying your favourite china or family heirloom that’s been sitting somewhere hidden and collecting dust. Simply use wire plate hangers and showcase your gorgeous porcelain dishes and plates creating a three-dimensional and unique wall feature. 

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A gallery wall

Most families have millions of photos stored on hard drives and phones that abound in memorable moments. This gives you a perfect opportunity to proudly display the most cherished ones on a gallery wall of photographs that will also become a unique accent wall. To make it trendy and interesting, you can choose a variety of different colour frames that complement each other in size and shape. Lay them down on the floor and come up with the most desirable arrangement and then, recreate it on your wall.

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Wallpapers and decals

Another classic element that’s had its comeback is the wallpaper. Wallpapers are cool again and they come in an enormous variety of styles and textures. If you’re put off by the idea of glue, no worries! Now they are easily applied as stickers and also easily removed once your taste changes. It’s become easier than ever to create an accent wall that will perfectly offset white walls in the room. The only advice is to keep it on one feature wall so you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed or closed in.

Even in homes with tall ceilings and large wall surfaces don’t have to appear cold and uninviting. With a few useful decorating tips, combinations are endless. It’s up to you to play with ideas listed here and design a wall that looks charming and appealing.