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An open floor plan has been all the rage in the world of interior décor for quite some time now. Tearing down the unnecessary walls and opening the space up as much as possible became quite a popular feature in many modern places.

living room with rug

However, the fact is that not many people know exactly which way to take their decorating efforts once they’re left with an open floor plan nor do they quite understand the layout they should be focusing on establishing. That’s why we’ve prepared some essential tips and tricks that will enable you to create a stunning open floor layout perfect for your every need. Check them out. 

kitchen and living room

Make sure there’s plenty of light

The first thing you’ll need to ensure in an open floor plan is that there’s plenty of light in the room at any given moment. What this means is that a single overhead lighting fixture won’t be enough to support all of your needs, especially if the area with an open floor plan is somewhat big. That’s why you need to determine how you want to section the place and ensure that each area has opulent light. Since open floor rooms usually consist of the living room area and a dining room area, make sure that both of these have their own overhead lighting fixtures. Additionally, use task and accent lighting solutions to bring more illumination to all the other parts of your room. 

living room

Use symmetry to your advantage

Next, in spaces that feature an open floor plan, symmetry plays a very important role. For whatever reason, the human eye seems to find comfort in designs that are harmonious and one of the easiest ways to create such a design is to go for a symmetrical layout. Once you determine the focal point of the room – more on that later, you should see to it that all the furniture and décor pieces on both sides of it are in perfect harmony with each other. But be careful not to mirror-image both sides to avoid ending up with a place that looks too bland and fabricated. So, for instance, if you’ve chosen your fireplace as your focal point, you can place a coffee table in front of it and place a sofa on one side of the table and two seating chairs on the other. This way, you’ll still create a symmetrical layout without making it look too matchy-matchy. 

colorful rug in living room

Add rugs to create different zones

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, you can choose to visually divide the open floor plan into different areas with some smart area rug placement. Ideally, you should ensure that the rug you choose for your space is big enough so that all the furniture pieces you place around it partially touch it. Keep in mind that if you choose to go with statement round rugs you should also pick furniture to match it. Of course, not all the furniture needs to be absolutely round, but it should feature curvy lines. You can even choose to layer multiple rugs on top of each other and have them a bit off-center to add more depth and dimension to your space. 

grey living room

Decide on the focal point

We’ve previously mentioned that, in order to come up with the ideal layout for your open floor plan, you should first determine the focal point of the room. This is probably the easiest part of the process as the focal point of the room is where your eyes naturally drift to when you enter the space. However, if your room doesn’t have a distinct focal point, you can choose to create your own. To create a focal point, you will first need to decide which one of your walls you want to put the most focus on. You can paint it in a bold color or choose to embellish it some other way. The most important thing is to make the wall really pop and draw attention to itself as soon as someone enters the room.

living room and kitchen

Tie in all the areas with a common feature

Finally, you want your open floor plan – and all the areas you’ve sectioned off – to feel like a coherent whole. That’s why you should look for ways you can tie everything in with a common feature. This can be something as simple as a common décor piece that will reappear in every section of the space. Alternatively, if you – for instance – decide to rock a monochrome interior design in your open floor plan, you can use a statement pop of color in each section and create a unified whole that way. 

Rocking an open floor plan is not difficult if you’re familiar with all the essentials you need to pay attention to. Now that you know them, you can approach designing your beautiful space with courage and confidence.