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There are all sorts of cool ways you can paint your house and imbue it with your unique sense of style. Here are a few trends that a lot of people are going to be trying this year, and you may want to give them a go as well.

Painting brick

Brick has a naturally interesting texture and look to it, but you can give yours a more appealing or decorative design by painting it. Consider how the brick will look in relation to the rest of the house and consider just doing an accent wall rather than painting all of your brick at once.

To paint brick, you will want to clean it up first. Use a heavy scrubbing pad to ensure you get into the pores of the brick, but don’t use anything too abrasive, like metal.

Make sure the brick is dry before you apply any coat of paint. You’ll want to start with a primer, allow that to dry for a few hours and then apply your first layer of paint. You may need additional layers after that, but be sure you allow them to dry between each coat. You’ll need to be generous with the paint to fill the pores in the brick and make sure it goes on smoothly. Make sure to get a paint that is made for brick.

Paint designs on the interior

You don’t have to just paint a single color on every wall in a room. You can make some decorative designs that showcase your creative side. Imagine how much prettier your bedrooms will look with a floral pattern you create yourself or hire a painter to apply.

You could go in any direction with the design- just find what suits you and what works well for the room. Some people create blocks or lines of colors. Others opt for a wavy pattern or a polka dot look. It’s really up to you, and you ought to take your time looking through some options before you just go ahead and start painting because ultimately, it needs to be a design that you are happy with. Before you get started I recommend checking out the top dulux paint colours that are currently trending.

Use two or more colors on your home’s exterior

A lot of houses use a single color for the outside design. They may have a roof that’s a different color or windows that are different from the rest of the house, but how great would your home look if you use two different colors on the walls?

You could go for a striped pattern, perhaps using grey and white. You could try using a trim color and then a base color, pairing blue and white or pairing black and orange. There are so many different designs you could choose, and just the notion of using two different colors on your exterior will open up a world of possibilities for you. It’s a good idea to talk to a paint contractor or a decorator to get some ideas about what kind of designs they have seen. You might be inspired by some of their ideas or by looking at pictures of homes that they have worked on before. Sometimes the best ideas are those that we get from somewhere else and then make small tweaks to in order to make them our own.

Choose a Trendy Front Door Color

You can make a statement just by using the right paint color in the right place. There isn’t a better place to make that statement than with your first door. You may want to consider the impact this component of your home can have and then look into few trends for 2020 that are making waves already.

A lot of people are opting for very bold front doors, making them pastel against otherwise drab-colored houses. Or you might want to try the black door trend that has taken off recently. This is a great way to get your door to stand out from the rest of the house and make a statement that draws the eye and appeals to a sense of style.


You don’t to have to make major changes to your home to give it a style all your own. Try some of these trendy paint techniques to give your home that look that is all you.