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Renovating your bathroom is a nice way to give it a new look and feel, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive all the time. Bathroom renovations are easy and there is not much work to do if you plan it well. Also, you do not have to spend a lot of money as well to redesign your bathroom. There are plentiful ways to make your bathroom look beautiful and trendy even on a budget. 

Before starting the bathroom renovations, take pictures of your existing bathroom design. This will give you a fair idea about the changes you want to implement. Right from choosing the color, mirror, tiles, and other things, make a list of all the changes required. Next, make a budget and stick to it, or else you may end up splurging a lot of money unnecessarily. Tell your bathroom renovator to plan your renovation within that budget limit.

1. Tiles

When you are thinking of bathroom renovations, the first thing that comes to your mind is tiles. Colorful tiles in different shapes and sizes can actually change the look and feel of your bathroom. Tiles can be expensive, so it is best to ask your friends and family for references. Also, check online because there are many deals available that may fit your budget. Instead of putting tiles on the walls, you can limit the usage of the tiles on the flooring. This will help you save costs and you will be able to redecorate your bathroom on a budget.

2. Countertops

Bathroom Renovations

Generally, bathroom counters are very small. So, if you are thinking of bathroom renovations, you could invest some money in a slightly bigger bathroom countertop. You could think of putting a sturdy granite slab that will add character to the bathroom and will be cheap as well. But ensure that you take proper measurements as you need to accommodate the basin, faucets, and other aspects as well. 

3. Paint

The first thing that comes to your mind when you think of bathroom renovations is painting the bathroom in a different color. It is one of the easiest things you can do to make your bathroom look brand new. The bathroom size should be considered before buying the paint, so that you know exactly how much paint to order. Since the bathroom remains damp and is laden with moisture, it is a good idea to choose a superior quality paint that does not peel off easily.

4. Fixtures

Bathroom Renovations

The beauty of renovation lies in the details. Bathroom fixtures like towel rods, lights, faucets, and others may seem very insignificant, but these fixtures, if rightly chosen, can make the bathroom look very stylish and beautiful. Look at reasonably priced stores that offer trendy designs, and buy the fixtures for a bathroom renovation on a budget. 

5. Redecorate

Always buying new things is not the best idea for bathroom renovations. If you already have a tub in your bathroom, instead of replacing it, you should get it redesigned so that it will look new and great. Always buying new things can be expensive. Also, when it comes to fixtures, you can redesign your existing mirror, or change the color of the fixtures to give your bathroom a brand new look. 

Bathroom Renovations

6. Buy Used things

Buying second hand/used things can be a great way to do bathroom renovations on a budget. You may end up buying fancy faucets, showers, mirrors, lights, and lamps from second-hand stores. Also, consider buying up-cycled and recycled products, as they look fantastic and you can even get them on a budget. 

7. Go Environment-Friendly

Go green with your approach. Bathroom renovations should result in water conservation and avoid using materials that are harmful to the environment. 

All in all, a bathroom renovation is not a complicated task if you have made a comprehensive list of what all changes are required. You can redo the look and feel of the bathroom on a budget by implementing all the ideas mentioned above.