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Rooftop is one of the most important locations in your house, yet it is always ignored by the homeowners. It serves the role of the protector or shield for the home from the outer environment. However, it also requires special considerations for the leakage and damage maintenance regularly. Now, with the summer coming in a full swing, it is important to update your rooftops with the seasonal essentials. Many people think of this to increase the curb appeal of the house, but there is a lot more to it.

Rooftops are the open-space and can be transformed to any idea. Houses with a wide rooftop hold many possibilities for design and accommodation for the update. You can either fill the space with the beautiful garden or you can add the dining space with the furniture. The choice is totally up to you. On the other side, the worn-out and damaged rooftops can not only hurt the outlook but also increases risks for accidents. The advent of the New Year has given out a lot of opportunities to dwellers for home decor updates. However, rooftop updates like dining space, swimming pools, rooftop gardens, and many other ideas are becoming more common. With that said, let’s discuss 7 ideas to update and utilize your rooftop.


One of the most praised ideas to update the rooftop is by converting it into a living room. An outdoor living room is a chic as well as a relaxing update to your rooftop. You can add all the essential components of the living room to the rooftop. The couches, chairs, tables and colorful plants under an umbrella can increase the curb appeal of your rooftops.

The rooftop living room gives you extra space to throw in the friend’s party to watch a movie. Some people also add the hot tub or the fireplace in their rooftops to mark an enjoyable experience throughout the summers. It is recommended to hire a roofing contractor Richmond to assist you with converting your rooftop to the living room. It does not matter how small or spacious is your rooftop. If you have the right furniture and living room items, you can make everything right.


Every city dweller chef’s dream is to spend their vacations by cooking in the outdoors like Ainsley Harriot. Well, now you can have it too by setting up the rooftop kitchen for your family. The rooftop kitchen updates have taken the homeowners by storm. The homeowners can easily set up their kitchen on the rooftop space to enjoy the delicacies with the pleasant weather. There are tons of choices to fill your rooftop space with the kitchen equipment. All you need to do is to arrange the shade and seating arrangement for your family.

Moreover, you can also set up a B.BQ or the grill for the family or friends gathering. Layout the chairs and some couches and you are all good to go for a rooftop kitchen experience. If you have a plan for the romantic outdoor dinner, then this is a perfect choice. You will never find anything better than enjoying the meals and pleasant weather with your loved ones.


There is nothing more enjoyable than owning a rooftop bar with an exquisite view of the city. Many homeowners are attracted to setting up their own cocktail bar in the house. But the lack of space inside the house discourages their dream. However, you can easily set up a perfect cocktail bar on the rooftop to enjoy the well-crafted cocktail and city lightening.

Rooftop bars do not require much struggle and furniture and can be set up with a tall table. Plus, you will need a sitting place, which can be done by laying out chairs at one side of the table. If you are thinking of an extravagant then also include a wine fridge for storing the wine and ice. Last but not least, spread out the cocktail glasses on the table to receive the best outdoor cocktail bar experience.


If you have a spacious rooftop, then you can update it with a water swimming pool. Summers are around the corner and you will need something refreshing and soothing throughout the season. You just cannot visit the beach every day, but you can arrange a swimming pool on the rooftop. From lap pools to the large swimming pools, there are a lot of choices for the rooftop upgrade.

The rooftop pools give you the ease to take a swim whenever you want. Most of the rooftops are strong enough to hold a swimming pool in your house. It is also recommended to install a wooden deck around the swimming pool. Place some hammocks or lounge chairs to dry the soaking body in the sun.


Apart from the cuisine and tempting city views, you can also fulfill your dreams of owning a large garden in your house. People who love nature and greenery can now plant their own garden on the rooftop. Whether you want to grow vegetables or extend the species of flowers, the rooftop is the perfect place for their growth. The rooftop provides the sunlight, air and other essential growth elements for the plants.

For that, you will need planter boxes to arrange and classify the plants on the rooftop. You can find the pots and boxes of different sizes for each plant. Plus, you can also research the design ideas that you want to implement in your garden. You will need to insulate your plants with lightweight plastic to protect them from hazardous weather.


If you are looking for a more creative way to use your rooftop, then you can upgrade it into a bedroom. A rooftop bedroom has always been the easy to go choice of the homeowner designers. You simply do not need to do anything except hanging some light fabric curtains and place the bed in the center. Moreover, you can also increase its attractiveness by covering the roof with wooden floors and installing glass doors. This way you can also utilize the views of the sky and wake up fresh and pleasant weather.


The green rooftops are also considered as an effective idea for the summer season. The reason for that is the green grass plays the role of natural insulation by reducing the heat. There is only one drawback in the green rooftops that it requires a lot of structural changes. You will have to arrange different accommodations to design a green roof on your house. Moreover, the green rooftops require care and regular maintenance for plantation. You just can grow the grass by spreading some soil on the floor.

However, in this case, you will be required to accommodate the separate soil space and then design the green roofs. But still, the small investment on the green roof will give you long term benefits for natural living space.


Ultimately, you will find the perfect rooftop update idea that meets your accommodation needs and the budget. The rooftop designs express the creativity and fashion outlook of the house. In the end, all it takes is a little bit of research and investment to design a stunning rooftop.