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The right kitchen gadgets bring out the best in your dishes; the correct measurements ensure that your food tastes delicious. They also make food preparation easier, fun, and faster. Although style and durability play a significant role when choosing kitchen appliances, you also need to consider durability.

9 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets in 2020

Having modern kitchen gadgets is a lifestyle, not just luxury. Kitchen appliances are vital and also make your kitchen elegant. Here are the must-have kitchen gadgets in 2020.

1. Potato Ricer

A potato ricer has been around for quite some time, and it is one of the best kitchen gadgets you can invest in to save time and make cooking easier. A ricer is used for potatoes, and once you incorporate it in your preparation, you will always want to use it. A potato ricer helps you to mash potatoes correctly and prevents over-mashing. Unlike a potato masher that might cause gelatinized starches, a ricer gives you an even mash and preserves the swollen starch cells.

When you’re looking for kitchen gadgets to make life easier, you should consider a ricer because you can use it for other things. For instance, you can use it to make guacamole; you can make perfect cream by squeezing avocados through a mixer.

2. 4-Sided Box Grater

A 4-sided box grater is essential; most people have it but don’t know how to use all sides. `This is one of the kitchen gadgets you can’t live without; it is a versatile appliance that can be used for various purposes.

Everybody is familiar with the grating side; it has large holes that you can be used to make big ribbons from tomatoes for sauce, cheese, and frozen butter. The shredding side has smaller holes than the grating side; use this side to scrape cucumber, cheese, etc. for finer shreds of food. This side creates a delicate texture of carrots and zucchini; you can also use it if you want the butter to melt faster. The slicing side has fewer slicing blades 1 or 3; use it to make vegetable or cheese slabs. The zesting side has star-like edges; it is used to shave citrus fruits.

3. Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer will save you from eating undercooked meat, which is not tasty or healthy. This is one of the kitchen gadgets to make life easier you need in your life. A meat thermometer improves food safety; you don’t have to worry about norovirus or salmonella. You don’t have to estimate whether the meat is done; you can’t always trust the meat’s color or look to determine if it’s fully cooked. Did you know that some meats change color when the protein is exposed to air? So you can’t always rely on what you see.

4. Blender

This might sound obvious, but you should include a blender in your kitchen gadgets must haves 2020 list. A blender is useful and has multiple uses, especially for people who want to switch to a healthy lifestyle; you can make smoothies and juices in a minute. Blending is also cost-effective because it minimizes waste. Blenders are a healthy option; they don’t contribute to a blood sugar spike. Smoothies (made by blending) have more fiber than fresh juices (made by a juicer).

5. Ceramic Ginger Grater

Sometimes, you want to make ginger paste for different dishes, but you end up with gashed fingers and ruined ginger. This is one of those kitchen gadgets that makes you wonder how you lived without it. Ginger grating using a microplane can be exhausting, especially when the juice runs through your fingers.

Using a knife to slice is not easy either; you can easily cut yourself trying to chop tiny pieces. Ceramic ginger grater makes it easy for you by just rubbing peeled ginger and collecting your juice and mince. You can also grate other ingredients like nutmeg, turmeric, garlic, cinnamon, and parmesan. You can also invest in other kitchen gadgets under $5 like a garlic ginger grinder that does the same job.

6. Meat Tenderizer

If you’re on a budget, you can’t always splurge on steak; a meat tenderizer makes it easier to break down collagen and muscle fibers in the meat to make it juicier. You need to learn about various kitchen gadgets and their uses: meat tenderizers soften meat and make it easier to chew and digest. Leaner cuts are healthy because they have lesser fats and calories.

7. Colander

Colanders are staple in any kitchen; there are various types, and it would be wise to know how to organize kitchen gadgets. Fine mesh colanders are ideal for draining or rinsing foods like quinoa, rice, orzo, etc. Avoid straining hot liquids in plastic colanders. You can use colanders for multiple tasks like making Greek yogurt, rinsing fruits and veggies, drain canned foods, etc.

8. Slow Cooker

A slow cooker allows you to eat healthily and save money because you don’t have to order take-out. You can use your slow cooker through all seasons; you can make soups in winter, and it does not make the kitchen warm in summer, unlike an oven. This is one of the most useful kitchen gadgets and equipment you need in your life because it helps to tenderize hard meat. You can cook various food in a slow cooker; this brings out the richness and flavor of multiple ingredients. You have to thaw chicken and meat before using a slow cooker and other related kitchen gadgets and tools.

9. Electric Sandwich Maker

If you’re one of those people who are excited about finding out what’s new kitchen gadgets in the market, you need to consider an electric sandwich maker. It allows you to make sandwiches quickly without much hassle. You can make a healthy breakfast because you don’t need butter and oils.

Conclusion: If you love cooking or want to upgrade your kitchen, you know that the best kitchen gadgets save time, improve your life, and save money in the long-run. When choosing gadgets, consider your budget, functionality, and durability of the tools.

Which kitchen gadgets have you bought in 2020? Please leave a comment!

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