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One of the worst things to come across your house definitely has to be clogged drains. From its unpleasant approach to a nasty site, a clogged drain can seriously dampen your spirits and make your chores slower. It can cause greater amounts of inconveniences in your daily routine and should be addressed immediately. A clogged drain can be the party place for many bacteria and germs, and if not treated on time, it can cause many health-related issues also. Many things can cause your drain to get clogged so keep a regular check. Here are a few things you should know about a clogged drain.

Can Cause Damage

Despite being one of the most common issues that occur in our homes and offices, a clogged drain has the ability to do some serious damage. Not only is blocked drain very frustrating but also it is also very hard to manage. It can cause some serious amounts of damage to your property. With a blocked drain, the water tends to come back the way up through which it should go down. This can increase the risk of flooding. The water may overflow, thus destroying your floors, furniture, setting and other things in the process. If left unchecked or not fixed, it can lead to the creation of mold also. Get your pipes and blocked drains now fixed without any hassle. With low costs, you can now afford to get all kinds of work done without the threat of a clogged drain causing damage to your place.

Bad Smell

A blocked drain can be very unpleasant at times as they have the ability to produce a bad odor. This is also a very strong indicator of a blocked drain. If you are experiencing any sorts of bad smells near our kitchens, bathrooms and other places that have access to water, then you need to act soon. Many times something gets stuck to the drain and blocks it. This particular thing then begins to rot, which produces foul-smelling stench. If this is not dealt with immediately, then this can lead to greater problems such as fungus build-up that can eventually rot the pipes also. The sense of bad smell is evident before any other symptoms might be visible, so it is the best indicator to know when you might be facing the situation of a blocked drain. If not acted upon immediately, then this smell can mask to your entire place, thus drowning it in a disgusting way.

Hair Clogs

This is one of the most common types of drainage blockages that one can see in a house, especially that has females in it. Women generally have longer hair than men and evidently suffer from more hair loss and breakage than them. A buildup of hair can slowly cause interruptions to your drain and eventually leading to it becoming fully clogged. If the access of hair is not cleaned up instantly, it can cause many severe problems. Make sure you try to clean them along the way to prevent them from going further down the drain. If they go too far then cleaning them might require the help of some professional services. Take a pair of gloves and frequently clean the drain and take pull out any bits of hair that might have accumulated over time. You can also use some drain cleaning devices that can help you in clearing the pathway for your blockages.

Can Be Blocked By Grease

This might seem impossible to some people but trust me on this, grease can be  a huge factor that can lead to blocked drains in your house and especially the kitchen. Some foods require heavier amounts of oil and butter, which tend to get stuck to the utensils and the crockery. Extra oil is not only bad for your waistline but also your drainpipes. Grease and fat tend to also build up in the kitchen sink over time what this doe sit that it creates a thick layer of fatty deposits that resist the water from passing through. That then causes drainage issues and can create major blockages in the pipe. You would think that grease might be easier to clean out by running it over with some hot water, but that is not true. Grease can be very stubborn when stuck to the pipes and very tough to get out also.

Heavy Storm

Another way that can cause many blockages in your drainage is heavy storms. Storms and rains sometimes tend to flood the pipes that can cause an excess of water in them, thus clogging them completely. Drainages are not typically designed to take the full impact of uncertain weather conditions. That is why when rainfalls and heavy storms hit, there are many blocked drain issues that arise. Many tree trunks and leaves can get stuck in the pathway of the pipes that can result in the overflow of water. This kind of blocked drains is very common in parts of the world that face frequent storms and rains. Whenever you see a surplus of water near your drainages and gutters in or outside your house, then understand that blocked drains cause it. Try to clear them immediately to avoid any long term effects.

Preventing Methods

Did you know that you could apply some homemade methods to your blocked drains in order to get rid of this issue? Yup, that is true in the case where the blocked drains are not at an exclusively high level, you can treat it with some easy methods at home. A very good remedy for the blocked drain that is very easy and inexpensive to use is baking soda and vinegar. These are items that are always available in your household and can easily provide you with a quick fix to your problem. You can mix them together and pour them down the drain, or you can put the baking soda in wait for a while before adding the vinegar. Either way that you use with this, you can have a clear drain that is not clogged anymore. You can even try to use some boiling water and pour it down the drain to get rid of anything that might be stuck to the pipes.

Wrapping Up

Taking care of your drainage and pipes is a very important task. Making sure that they are working in a proper system is very helpful. It can prevent from any certain disasters and damages from happening. Keep a regular check on your pipes whenever you feel there might be some suspicious smell or sight. It can be helpful for your blocked drain.