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The importance of having a freshly painted house when selling

There are many benefits to painting your house before listing it up for sale. 1. Return on investment Sure, it might cost a bit of money to get your house painted, especially if you don’t do it yourself. However, if it means you end up getting the asking price for...

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DIY Photo Wall Ideas: Wall Hangings

Photo credit: Aleksandr Sloboianyk   In years gone by, hanging family photographs in your home was very trendy. Then, suddenly family photographs were replaced with arts and crafts. Luckily, there has been a shift again, which has a place for both. Many arts and...

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How to Select a Paint Color for Your Home

How to select a paint color for your home's exterior Is your home ready for a touch-up? If you’ve decided it’s time for a fresh coat of paint to protect the structure of your home and boost your curb appeal, you’ll need to brainstorm exterior home paint ideas....

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How to Prep Windows for Painting

While wooden windows are a beautiful fixture in any building, they do need regular TLC in order to retain their vintage aesthetic and remain energy- efficient, particularly exterior windows which face the elements constantly. Fortunately, a fresh paint job can really...

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Bring Color In Your Apartment, Install Wallpaper

Photo credit: Pixabay Wallpaper has been used for hundreds of years. It was used as far back as the 1800’s in the homes of royalty and the elite. Used correctly it is timeless and chic. Entering a room that has a perfect balance is breathtaking. When wallpaper seemed...

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Allowing Your Tenants To Paint: Pros and Cons

Property maintenance involves a ton of work. But it’s crucial in order to keep the property looking attractive. One way to ensure the property is attractive to tenants is to paint the rental unit prior to them moving in. Majority of landlords choose neutral colors,...

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Best Outdoor Activities To Do Around Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie is a secret gem located in York County, South Carolina, along the shore of Lake Wylie. It's only 15 to 30 minutes away from the Charlotte Airport and 30 minutes away from Bank of America Stadium. Within the vicinity, you can find the Buster Boyd Bridge, a...

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Exploring The Unique Beauty Of Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden

Located in Belmont, North Carolina, Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden is a relatively young garden with a variety of different features to show the guests, especially for the families, gardeners and educational institutions. Although they try to offer something for every...

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NASCAR Hall of Fame

Located in Charlotte, NC, The NASCAR Hall of Fame is an entertainment attraction for both race fans and non-fans and the home of race-car legends. It is designed to honor the heritage of NASCAR as well as educate and entertain people with their exhibits, theater,...

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Stellar Ways To Organize Cabinets, Drawers, and More

Photo credit:  Jarosław Ceborski Kitchen cabinets, pantries, and drawers are some of the most used areas in our homes. We all know we have to have multiple tools, appliances, and gadgets to create meals snacks and various beverages. Over time our kitchens have...

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The Paint Colors That Could Help You Sell Your Home

Thanks to our friends at Bellhops Moving for helping us create this post   When you're thinking of selling your home, paint can seem like just another expense to worry about. However, you might find that a fresh new color is exactly what you need to draw the...

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How to get the grey out of weathered grain (Q&A)

Question: I am going to refinish a patio door but noticed that the wood grain has weathered and turned grey. What is the best way to remove the grey out of the grain that is weathered? And how do you get into the nooks and crannies to get it sanded? Answer: We...

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A Brief History of Charlotte, NC

The city of Charlotte has gone from the Old South to the New South to the Newest South over the years and that is a lot of history for the locals and the visitors to remember and keep track of.  While it is all important, a person really only needs to know one thing...

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Businesses Accepting Bitcoin in Charlotte NC

Do you have some bitcoin to spend in Charlotte NC?   With the rising popularity of crypto-currencies like bitcoin continuing to grow and grow, many people are looking for places where they can use their bitcoin. Luckily, there are now many large companies that...

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A Few Tips on Choosing Paint Colors for Your Home Interior

  Go through inspirational pieces Use catalogs and magazines to find some inspiration. Alternatively, you could skim through your favorite television shows to look through the color palettes of the homes. Websites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram are...

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