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Photo credit: Aleksandr Sloboianyk


In years gone by, hanging family photographs in your home was very trendy. Then, suddenly family photographs were replaced with arts and crafts. Luckily, there has been a shift again, which has a place for both. Many arts and craft projects are placed to enhance our photographs. Today the trends are growing and stretching. Like it so often does, our eye is looking toward things and people who mean something to us. Family and friends help mold us. Displaying their portraits enhances our homes and our lives.


There are companies that have skilled and experienced artists on the payroll. These people have revolutionized the way we think if having a portrait created.

Focal Point

There are many ways to create a focal point of a room. The trend today is to take various sizes and shapes to make one large wall hanging. This is one way to add color to a drab room or to add depth with the use of black and white photos or portraits created with pencil or chalk. Of course, some people combine the designs to make on the wall that immediately draws the eye of those who enter. Changing the color of the wall by a few shades will make the collection more profound.


Please note, these are not computer generated prints. Companies take the picture that you send them (via email) and a master artist draws or paints the likeness for you by hand. This is the same quality drawing or painting that you would get if you booked an artist and sat for him while he paints for you. This also allows you to get portraits of people who have passed away or even of beloved pets. The price is very reasonable. Here’s a bit of a bargain for you.

Photo credit: Victoria Borodinova

Wall Map

There are a few ways you can create a wall map. Place photos of the older generations to the left working to the right with the youngest member is the most popular. Some people choose to go from top to bottom. Using small pictures of things that that person enjoyed allows your map to tell a story of who your family is and what they enjoyed. Try using the space around and between the photos to hang reminders. For example, if grandpa loved to fish, wrap fishing line around a small piece of tree branch. Tie some pretty fishing lures to the line. If your mother loved to bake, frame one of her recipes to put near her picture. Tell their story with your wall.


A wall map can be the couple only, with pictures of where they met, where they got married, their different hobbies and experiences. For a cute touch, leave the last frame with the note “more to come” framed on card stock paper.


Repurposed pallet

Photo credit: Jones/Pinterest


Using this old pallet brings the pictures to life in an interesting way. Simply remove the centerboards and add one horizontally in the center of the pallet. This makes a perfect setting for family portraits, and it costs nothing.

Hall Wall Gallery

Add interest to your hall or stairway with a gallery. You can hang whatever you want from ancestors to photos of the city you were born. Note: do a Google search for the city where you lived and how much the city has changed. You can add similar pictures for other family members.


So much of our lives happen in the kitchen.  Gather a group of small pictures. You can create your own wall tree, but buying a metal one is just as effective. Choose an open wall in the kitchen and create your tree placing small photos as leaves. Have your kitchen cabinets painted and match the color on the wall you choose for your tree. If you want to stay in the same range, just go 2-3 shades lighter or darker.  

Track Lighting

All of these ideas look better with the right lighting. It is important to remember that the heat from some light bulbs can damage a portrait. Use LED lights.

Honor your heritage

Take advantage of your roots while creating your wall art. Among the portraits and photos, add some art from your heritage. If you have African in your bloodline, add a piece of art from that region.

Use your imagination. Try hanging several various size photos and then hanging a large frame without glass around the group. Your photos will fit right in the decor because the eye sees the group as one large piece. With a little creativity, your home will be a masterpiece that everyone wants to see.