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Redecorating an apartment is a great way to express your taste and let your imagination run free. However, you might want to look at some examples for inspiration. You don’t need to use the advice you find as a strict rule; think of it as a guide that’ll help you get your intention across. Here are some tips on how to use eye-catching color combinations to elevate your small apartment.

Less is more

Minimalism has taken off as a movement in interior design as of late. There are many plausible reasons for it. Nonetheless, whatever they might be, this trend has many perks, one of which is how simple and easy it is to apply it to your home. Playing with colors and their combinations to elevate your small apartment is a much easier task if the rest of your place is furnished minimally.

However, make sure not to overcrowd your apartment with color if it’s on the smaller side since this will make it seem suffocating. Whichever color palette you choose to go with, make it as monochrome as possible. Once you’ve done that, adding some statement pieces that’ll make the rest pop will be a breeze.

A room with monochrome color combinations to elevate the whole apartment.
Using monochrome color combinations to elevate the whole apartment is an excellent way of keeping everything cohesive.

Budget-saving tips

If you don’t want to put too much work and money into decorating your rental property, you can resort to some fun DIY decorations. These won’t cost a lot, and they are especially great during the holidays or some other occasions. You can also try to invest in some pieces that you’ll be able to carry with you when you decide to relocate. Make sure that those are classic pieces and not a trend that’ll soon go out of style.

Making a small apartment seem more spacious with eye-catching color combinations

No matter how small your apartment is, one of the ultimate goals is to make it seem more spacious with different color combinations. To make it appear bigger and more comfortable, you need to follow some rules and stay within certain limits. A great way to do this is by using only colors that are very similar or that go together well and then spice things up with other objects.

Use mirrors and light to your advantage

Take the time to think about the placement of light and mirrors in your home. Although it’s seemingly not connected to color combinations that’ll elevate your small apartment, it’ll make all the difference. By playing with light, natural or artificial, you can draw out some colors that have a habit of making spaces seem bigger and, likewise, hide the ones that make them look smaller. Place mirrors so that they reflect what you want more of. Although you’re essentially not doing anything to your apartment, you’ll be amazed at how much you’ll achieve.

Don’t be afraid of using the color black

Black is unarguably the classiest color there is. Although it’s basically the absence of color, it has a way of helping the color combinations you’ve chosen elevate your small apartment. It’ll also bring the atmosphere down and ground any colors that you might have used too much. However, make sure not to confine space with it. Try to have it somewhere in the background and never use it to frame a room.

A kitchen decorated with just a touch of black color that has a way of making spaces look timeless.
Black details have a way of making spaces look classy and timeless.

Find your focus piece

No matter which color combinations you pick for your small apartment, try to decide which color is the main one. Use it for the broadest bit of your apartment and accent it. No matter where you are, it’ll make your eye automatically drawn to that space.

Create a cohesive structure

Although you should create a centerpiece that’ll draw your attention and trick it into thinking that the apartment is bigger, it still needs to make sense as a whole. Using color fusion to elevate your small apartment won’t only make it seem larger, it’ll make it more pleasant and logical. You can achieve this by using colors that complement each other. Although it sounds a bit boring, you’d be surprised at just how many colors go together.

Paint safely and carefully

When you get to this point make sure you paint your home safely. Here’s some advice on how to do this:

  • Be prepared
    Have everything you’ll need right by your side. This doesn’t only include the paint and tools that go with it. You also need to get adequate protection gear.
  • Protect your furniture
    Apart from yourself, you probably don’t want to harm your furniture either. Use plastic covers to shield the items.
  • Sleep somewhere else for a few days
    If you’re painting more than a room in your small apartment, a good piece of advice is to sleep someplace else until you can breathe normally again.
  • Invest in quality
    When choosing the paint to buy, pick quality over quantity. It’ll make the whole experience much more enjoyable, and your paintwork will look fresh for much longer.
A bathroom that's been decorated with matching color combinations to elevate a small apartment.
Using cooler tones for a bathroom and mirrors to make it look bigger is a go-to move.

Additional tips for using color combinations to elevate your small apartment

  • Don’t go overboard
    Playing with colors to elevate your home is an excellent way to be creative. However, sometimes people get carried away. If you like to play with colors, decorate and paint the kids’ room as an outlet.
  • It’s all about accents
    Just like putting on makeup to highlight the things that you like, use colors to accent the items or parts of your apartment that you’d like to show off.
  • Keep it light
    It’s always better to go for lighter colors. Even though they’re tougher to maintain, they do a great job making your place seem clean and modern.
  • Play with temperature through colors
    You can use warmer colors in the kitchen but cooler in the bathroom to play with temperature and make the place sensical. Just make sure that these color combinations to elevate your small apartment don’t collide.