Frequently Asked Questions

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When can you start my project?

Painting jobs are typically booked 5 to 15 weeks in advance. Pressure washing jobs are typically booked 5 to 15 days in advance.

How long will the job take?
Partial Interior Paint Package: 3-4 days
Full Interior Paint Package: 5-6 days
Partial Exterior Paint Package: 2-3 days
Full Exterior Paint Package: 5-6 days
Pressure Washing: 1 day
Decks: 2-3 days
Wood Repairs: 1-2 days
Drywall Repairs: 2-4 days
Full Popcorn Ceiling Removal: 5-8 days
Partial Popcorn Ceiling Removal: 3-5 days
Wallpaper Removal: 2-7 days
Cabinet Painting: 4-5 days
How and when do I pay?
You pay when the job is done to your complete satisfaction. You can send a check in the mail or pay online with your credit card from the secure link on your invoice email.


We also accept cash, PayPal, bitcoin, and ethereum (ask about other cryptocurrencies).
Do you buy materials?
Our quotes always include line items for material. If you want to buy material yourself you can request a labor only quote – however our prices for paint are actually less than what you would pay if you bought it yourself. This is because Cardinal Pro Painters has an exclusive pricing contract from Sherwin Williams because of the amount of paint we buy monthly. Also note that we can only offer a warranty on jobs where we purchased the paint.
What paint do you use?

We purchase our paint from Sherwin Williams. If you are searching for colors, we recommend browsing colors on the Sherwin Williams website and/or retail stores (there are many throughout the Charlotte area). If you need a color from another brand, Sherwin Williams will match it for us. The one exception is cabinet paint jobs where we typically use PPG instead of Sherwin Williams, but again they also match colors from any brand. 

If requested, we can also use paints from Benjamin Moore or PPG for interior and exterior painting. However we will not use any other brands.

Do you move furniture?
Yes, we will move and cover your furniture, floors, and personal belongings to protect them from paint debris. We will also move wall decorations and put them back up. You are responsible for moving fragile items.
What is your minimum job price?

The lowest price for any service that we can offer is $360.00 not including materials.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at [email protected] or call or text us at 219-62-PAINT (thats 219-627-2468)