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When looking for a new home, it’s difficult to find a place that will tick absolutely all of your boxes. You will often be forced to compromise. Location or size are usually difficult to compromise on as you can’t really influence them and make adjustments. They are what they are. 

If you’ve found a place that’s big enough and in the right neighborhood, any possible concessions will have to do with smaller flaws that can be adjusted easily. There are so many home improvements and interior decorating tricks that you can employ and turn your new place into your dream home. Here are some ideas for home improvements to make before moving in. They will help you take your new home from drab to fab in no time!

Why wait to move in?

Has this happened to you? You carefully pick a new place, get it thoroughly inspected, decide to move in and only then notice some never-before-seen flaws? Nothing is worse than realizing you were wearing rose-tinted glasses prior to the move. Now all your boxes are in and you are noticing that the place requires three different home improvements that are going to be hell to pull off with all of your belongings already there.

This is the reason why you should find a new place a while before you have to leave your previous home. You will have a grace period this way, during which you can really scan the place for any problems. Then you will be able to hatch a plan and move in more comfortably.

Depending on the state you are in, you will have different moving services available to you. If moving on the territory of NC, for example, you can find movers that also provide storage services. This can make your life a lot easier if you have to make home improvements after moving out. You can simply store the bulk of your belongings for a little while until you finish working on your new place.

Ideas for home improvements to make before moving in


If you need to make any adjustments to your flooring, you should be aware that it’s the trickiest home improvement to do with all of your stuff already there. For practical purposes, it is definitely something you should do before moving in. Floors are usually subject to the most wear and tear, sometimes with the unpleasant additions of different pet smells that you will want to get rid of. It’s a big project so it will also be quite an expense.

For this reason, many people wait to do it when they don’t already have other expenses. This can end up costing you much more later, however. Definitely try to plan to fix your floors before you move in. The flooring company won’t have to charge you for getting all of your things out before they get to work. It will also be done much more quickly if they don’t have to work around you.


Similarly to flooring, painting the interior walls of your home is one of those home improvements you don’t want to be around for. If you keep all of your belongings out and hire professional painters, you stand to save a lot of money on labor. A lot of time and effort goes towards prepping the space by covering furniture or getting it out of the way. You will ease and speed up the process if there is nothing to cover or move. 

Ideally, you would do the painting before you start on flooring. These home improvements often go together and it’s good to line them up to maximize practicality. Finally, painting before moving in keeps you from inhaling all the fumes from fresh paint.

Another thing you might need to do before painting, especially if you’ve bought an older property, is remove popcorn ceiling and walls before painting. This is also something best done without any of your furniture already there.


Bathrooms are among the trickier interior design projects. They definitely fall under the category of home improvements to make before moving in. First of all, living with any kind of construction around you can be quite uncomfortable. Secondly, if you redoing the only bathroom in your home, living there will get really uncomfortable at some point. They’ll have to turn off the water and the mess will be huge because of tiling and plumbing. The best thing to do, if you can, is have any and all construction work done before you move in. You can live through small adjustments, but you want to avoid living there while any major work is being done.


So far we’ve mostly covered major home improvements, but there are some things you can even do yourself that will both ease the moving in process and make your life more comfortable afterwards. Closet organization is definitely one of those projects you should consider.

Having recently packed for your move, you will have a clear idea of the kind of space you need when it comes to closet organization and shelving. Decking out your closet space with additional shelving, boxes or partitions is something you can easily do on your own. Once you’re done, you will be able to unpack and fit everything in. 

You should definitely sort this out before moving in. It will help you avoid unpacking and then realizing you just don’t have the right space yet. Save yourself the trouble and plan in advance.

Safety home improvements

There are a couple of home improvements to make before moving in that are quick to do, but also essential. The first one is replacing all exterior locks with new ones. No matter how trustworthy the previous owners seemed, this is a simple precaution that will give you peace of mind.

The second safety-related home improvement is to put fresh batteries into smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even if the home inspector has checked them and stated they were fine, you want to be sure. Putting new ones before moving in will keep you from worrying about them dying out on you.