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A new coat of paint will not only give your house a fresh look but also protect your house against the ravages of bad weather.  It can also preserve structural integrity and increase its market rates for a resale. With all these important benefits at play, a painting job is not something that can be undertaken on a whim and finished off hastily. The costs involved require careful consideration, so you need to consider a few things before starting the project.

Painter Contractor Rates

Depending on whether your painting job is external or internal, a painter or painting contractor will give you different rates. If you have an external painting job, you’ll most likely be charged a fixed rate based on the square foot area covered. You’re likely to be charged $2-$4 per square foot for a textured wall, which includes labor and material costs.

When you plan to paint the exterior of a house, the size of the house, the style, location and siding will all play a role in the final cost. For example, a standard two-story home of 1500 square feet will typically cost you $2500-$3000. 

However, most painters charge by the hour for interior painting jobs. In the US, the rates for labor are hourly $40-$60 on an average for a regular painting job. They can go up to a maximum of $84 in areas where the cost of living is high.

In case of internal paint jobs, the total cost will depend on the size and nature of the painting required. For an estimate of the amount of paint required, you’ll need the size of the walls in the rooms (length, width, and height), the number of windows, size of windows, and the number and size of doors. For example, a regular living room with a size of 12’x 8’ will need 2-3 gallons of paint based on the industry average of one gallon of paint for 350 square feet. The cost for two gallons of paint can be $30 to $100, but if you want to add different colors to the ceiling or an accent wall, this has to be calculated separately and has to be added to the final cost.  

You also need to keep in mind the costs involving surface preparation before a painting job is actually started.

Estimating prep work costs

It’s difficult to estimate the cost of prep work accurately because the preparation of the area can vary a lot depending on the type of surface that is being painted and the condition of that surface.

For example, a damaged area will require more prep work, or dirty walls with dirt and grease on them will also require more work. Similarly, smoke stained walls as well as walls with wallpaper and wooden surfaces require more work and hence the cost of surface prep work may be more expensive. These prep tasks will typically cost you between $100 to $300. An experienced professional painter or painting contractor will be able to give you the best estimate for your requirements.