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How to Prep Your Home for a Fast Sale

If you’re listing your home on the market, you’d love to have a fast sale. Once you’ve made the decision to sell, most of us don’t want to get hung up in the process for months (or even longer). If you want to bring in a fast sale, it’s important to stage your home properly. The more appealing you make it look to potential buyers, the quicker one will swoop in and make you an offer you cannot refuse. 

So, let’s take a look at how you can do that in some simple ways that won’t break the bank. 

Here are our top tips on how to prep your home for a fast sale: 

  • Declutter – You want to get all the excess junk out of the home, especially big or bulky furniture. However, you don’t want to show a completely empty home because this isn’t very personal, and it makes it difficult for the potential buyer to see themselves living in the home. Stage with some homey furniture for warmth, but declutter all the excess. 
  • Organize – If you still have personal belongings in the home, make sure they are organized and stored properly. Take special care with closets, kitchen, bathrooms and storage spaces. If it’s possible to get your personal belongings out and stage with neutral décor, even better. 
  • Tend to the lawn – While you’re giving your house a makeover, don’t forget the lawn. Plant some new grass, if needed. LawnStarter recommends using the best grass types for your area. If the existing grass looks nice, make sure it’s all mowed and trimmed when the house is being listed and shown to prospective buyers. 
  • Make minor repairs – It may seem like a given but making minor repairs will increase the value of the property and lead to a faster sale. While you may not want to put more money into the house you’re selling, imagine how the person buying it will feel. If they see things broken or damaged, it will impact their view of the overall value of the home. This can make or break a sale so it’s a worthy return on your investment when done before showing the home. 
  • Clean everything thoroughly – Another simple tip that makes a big difference. Some home sellers decide to hire a professional cleaning crew to come in so that they don’t have to worry about this part. There are move-out and move-in cleaning specials from most house cleaners and it’s well worth the investment if it leads to a fast sale of your home. 


With these tips on how to prep your home for a fast sale, you’re ready to stage and list. With some simple and affordable steps above, you can make your home more valuable and help it sell faster. Which will you put at the top of your list?