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Relocating is a tiring process and can be stressful for many people, as it requires extensive planning. People have to pack their belongings and transport them to another location. When they take their stuff out to load, they realize many unnecessary items exist in their possession. Excess things become another hurdle, as it needs sorting out. Deciding what to take and what things they need to part from are another challenge.

The difficulty of moving boxes and storing them in a new home also becomes a hassle, and they have to let go of stuff half-heartedly. Their minds exhaust themselves by keeping track of to-do things and reminding them of all the tasks they need to look after. Moreover, some people have memories attached to their abodes. Several relocate against their will; thus, the procedure takes a toll on their emotional health. 

The truth is moving is physically taxing, mentally exhausting, and can emotionally drain anyone. Still, for some people, it is unavoidable. Regardless, one has to do unpleasant tasks of getting packing supplies, sorting things, and moving the huge furniture pieces. People say that they can plan their move and make the process as easy as ABC if they get a notification at least two months in advance. Getting notified of moving out months in advance is ideal and can straighten a lot of things. It does not happen in the real world, as people hardly get two weeks to pack and move out, and if they take longer than the prescribed time, it can cost them an arm and a leg. Less time makes the procedure challenging and tiring, but it is still doable, and all you require is to roll your sleeves and act on the plan.

During the relocation process, a lot goes on, and you may miss out on some crucial things, and a few things may slip away from your mind. Experts say that making a pre-moving checklist makes relocation easy, and it serves as a reminder. The following are some of the components of a pre-moving index which will help you in ensuring a mess proof relocation:


Do you also think that taking movers onboard is a waste of money? After all, all they do is move boxes, and they charge the exuberant amount of moving for that. You may feel the temptation of skipping getting movers part and shift your things by yourself or ask some friend to lend you a helping hand. You may think that you are planning smartly and saving a significant amount of money. However, you are putting your valuables in danger.

Movers have the right tools and equipment, and they have expertise in shifting all kinds of cartons and furniture pieces. They tend to your stuff vigilantly and make sure that they transport things in their original condition. Many movers give you a guarantee and offer a refund if their workers harm your items. Moreover, you must book your movers at least a week before the big day, as movers can be the most occupied people in populated cities of America. Thus, if you are moving from or to The Big Apple, then movers in NYC are the people you should take on board. Besides quickening the whole process, they will cater to your loading or unloading specifications professionally. 


Packing is an unpleasant task, probably the most burdensome consequence of the entire moving process. People want to get over this troublesome task and often throw things in boxes and tape it up. It makes the task of unpacking another trouble, and the mess can make you lose your precious stuff. It would be best to sort things out properly, have separate boxes for items, and pack accordingly. No rules apply for relocating, and you can organize your stuff as per your convenience. You can have all electronic appliances in one carton, all kitchen supplies in one box, or you can have a mix and match of things to use every inch of cartons. Labeling boxes is another vital component of a checklist. It will help movers inputting your packages in the correct room.


When we get things out for packing, we realize that we also belong to the category of people who love hoarding things up. Taking all the stuff along with you will add to your cartons, and excess stuff will make things difficult for you. Besides, if you have not used something in three months, the chances are slim that you will use it ever again. As per experts, tossing away extra stuff should be the top of the checklist as less stuff will make the house clutter-free and will have a pleasant effect on you. 


 Everything costs money, and so does moving into a new house. Many people miss out on such a significant aspect of the relocation of making a budget. If you ignore setting an account for relocation, you will mess up and overspend in shifting a few boxes. Allocating a budget helps you keep track of expenses, and you get an idea when you are about to overspend.


People think that they will not need many supplies and a few tapes, a pair of scissors and boxes will do the job. Packing requires more than that because you would want to secure your things and have them shifted to your new home in original conditions. One component to have an organized relocation is to have packing supplies even before you take something out of closets to pack. Have bubble wrap and wrap fragile items at least thrice to secure them. Packing clothes in garbage bags, ease up your unpacking, and all you need to do is to open boxes and hang clothes in a new wardrobe.


People often argue that there is no such thing as mess proof relocation, as the process is intense and you have to look after various aspects. They could not be more wrong than DIYs; the process becomes easy, far from messy. During relocation, you must put your well-being first as falling sick will complicate things for you. You will have to dedicate even more energy. Preparation, planning, and having an appropriate checklist can make the relocation a breeze.