Located in Charlotte, NC, The NASCAR Hall of Fame is an entertainment attraction for both race fans and non-fans and the home of race-car legends. It is designed to honor the heritage of NASCAR as well as educate and entertain people with their exhibits, theater, artifacts and high-tech venue. If you’re in Charlotte, we definitely recommend stopping by here.

Let’s see some of the best attractions the Hall of Fame has to offer for everybody:

High Octane Theater

Start your tour at the High Octane Theater. It’s a 278 seat theater that features a wide projection screen to watch high production movies from the sandy beaches of Daytona to the current. You may also visit the theater lobby, which is ideal for corporate events.

Glory Road

From the fabulous Hudson Hornet, which is the first car on display, to the generation six car, Glory Road covers every little bit of NASCAR history.

Hall Of Honor

After each class is inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame, they go into the Champions Exhibit room which honors the five most recent numbers inducted into the Hall of Fame. With this exhibit, you have cars and other important memories that Hall of Famers use and have during their careers.

Life-sized Holler

The Hall of Fame even has its own life-sized holler. The holler transports the car and other parts that the team might need for a race weekend from the shop to the racetrack.

Race Week

Your visit won’t be complete without witnessing race week. It’s a perfect way to see behind the scenes at how the NASCAR team and industry get ready for race. They also have a number of interactive activities including changing your own tires and calling your own race.

Great Hall

As you head upstairs in the NASCAR, you can see the hallways full of race memorabilia from the past including the historical photo finish in the Inaugural Daytona 500 as well as other interesting displays, graphics and video scenes.

The NASCAR Hall of Fame is located at 400 E M.L.K. Jr Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28202. It is typically open from 10AM to 6PM. Tickets are $25 but there are discounts available. They can be purchased on the day of at the door or in advance online.