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siding repair in charlotte nc

Wood Rot Experts

Cardinal Pro Painters offers professional exterior wood rot inspections and trim or siding repair and replacement. Our Carpentry packages include labor and material to replace bad wood and then prime & paint any new materials to match the existing materials.

Extend The Life of Your Home

We get the job done fast, correctly, and cleanly. But most importantly, proper maintenance of your home’s exterior will help extend the life of your home’s building materials by preventing costly structural work down the road. Our carpenters take pride in keeping your home strong and beautiful.

siding repair service in charlotte nc
siding repairs charlotte nc

A Healthy Home is a Happy Home

When it comes to maintenance, updating, and remodeling, it is common to see many homeowners focus the majority of their attention on the interior of their home, but it is just as important to keep the exterior regularly maintained, which means fixing damaged or rotted wood before the rot spreads and causes bigger issues such as water leaks or structural damage.

Cardinal Pro Painters offers services that will improve your home’s interaction with the environment.

Repairs Services Offered:

-Door Frame
-Soffit & Fascia
-Hardie Siding
-Masonite Siding
-Cedar Siding
-Vinyl Siding

door repairs and siding repairs

We Stop Wood Rot Dead in its Tracks

While the color, texture, and overall aesthetics of the siding are all about appearance, some types of siding will be more resistant to Mother Nature, rot, and insects than others and will require different maintenance approaches. This will determine how long your siding will last before it has to be replaced, maintained, or painted.

Types of Siding

Vinyl Siding: It is by far the leader of modern home siding installations due to its high quality in terms of durability, color options, and low cost which make it attractive to the budget-conscious homeowner. However, even though vinyl is as versatile as they come and has the potential to raise your energy efficiency, it is not particularly waterproof and poor installation is known to lead to water seeping behind the paneling which leads to mold and other issues such as warping and bending under harsh weather conditions.

Wood Siding: Everyone loves the natural and beautiful look that wood siding adds to a home making it instantly warm and inviting. Be it shake or shingles, board and batten, or engineered wood, wood continues to be a topmost choice for homeowners due to its classic & timeless look and because of its benefit of being easily replaced in small quantities if damaged. Wood can be stained and painted in limitless colors. And it’s lightweight feature makes it faster and easier to be installed thus reducing overall labor cost and time compared to masonry. Having said that, without proper maintenance or timely repairs, wood siding and trim is particularly susceptible to insect and water damage.

Wood Rot Inspections for Home Owners

Are you buying a new home in Charlotte NC or surrounding suburbs? Exterior siding and trim damage that is invisible to an untrained eye could end up costing the buyer thousands of dollars in repairs or replacement expenses down the road. Consult with a company familiar with siding and trim replacement like Cardinal Pro Painters before making your purchase. We’ll come out and do a thorough inspection to look for any wood that should be changed. This can help you negotiate with the seller or maybe you can get the seller to pay for the repairs before you agree to buy the home.

How to inspect your own siding

The last thing you want is serious wood rot damage, mold, or mildew causing leaks, cracks, or other big problems later on because they weren’t caught on time. If you rather inspect your home on your own, this is what you should look out for:


  1. Rotting or warping.
  2. Cracked or loose siding that may hide extensive damage underneath.
  3. Bubbles are an immediate red flag indicating possible water or moisture damage.
  4. Holes caused by insects. These are likely to get bigger over time.
  5. Dry rot that eats away the main body of the siding while leaving the top layer intact
  6. Growth such as fungus, mold, or mildew can indicate water penetration.
  7. Peeling paint or wallpaper that is pulling away from a wall inside of a home may be caused by exterior siding that has allowed moisture to seep its way in thus permeating through wallboard.

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