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The term popcorn ceiling refers to a coating sprayed or brushed onto the ceiling that dries to a textured finish. Popcorn ceiling removal is the process of eliminating this texture to achieve smooth ceilings.

Popcorn ceilings (previously called acoustic ceilings) were once a very appealing feature of older Charlotte NC homes mainly used as a way of easing reflective noise and to cover up seams and tape marks in wallboard ceilings. However, while it may have covered old marks, it also was often applied on too thick, which rendered it prone to long unappealing stress cracks in the future.

Popcorn ceilings are not as common in most modern homes in Charlotte or anywhere else.

If you can no longer look past this old and outdated ceiling feature, consider hiring a professional popcorn ceiling removal company such as Cardinal Pro Painters for the clean and safe removal and repair process instead of a handyman or as a DIY project. If acoustic popcorn ceilings are not removed and repaired properly, the process will certainly cause more harm and damage than leaving it in place.

Cardinal Pro Painters has been providing Charlotte NC expert popcorn ceiling removal services at low costs since 2012, helping customers avoid the disastrous mess that can occur when attempting the job on their own.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceiling Removal

When considering the value of your home, remember that most homebuyers dislike popcorn ceilings, therefore, having it professionally removed and repaired by a top popcorn ceiling removal contractor such as Cardinal Pro Painters will automatically improve the whole value of your home. The popcorn removal process is time-consuming as it involves a whole lot of prep work, scraping, sanding and repainting all the ceilings in the house but the end result is all worth it for cleaner and smoother looking ceilings, and compared to other remodels such as bathroom and kitchen makeovers, popcorn removal is one of the least expensive ways to make your home feel newer, bigger, and cleaner. With smooth ceilings, homes in Charlotte NC can demand a higher price on the market and are easier to sell quickly.

If you have cracks or imperfections in your popcorn ceiling, you might have considered just getting those spots repaired to match the rest of the ceiling. But perfectly matching old textures can be a lengthy process as well and results will vary, which is why you should consider just having the entire texture removed, which will add market value to your home at an afffordable price.

Another benefit to consider is lower maintenance costs in the future. If you need to make repairs to your ceiling in the future due to cracks, leaks, or new light fixture installation, it will be much easier and cheaper to have flat smooth ceilings repaired than to try to match old textures.

How We Remove Popcorn Ceiling:

  • The first thing we do is remove or cover any lighting fixtures, fans, vent covers, and smoke detectors from the ceiling. Wiring gets covered up so that it isn’t exposed to water during the removal process.
  • We run large contractor grade plastic sheets secured by tape along the walls and waterproof drop clothes on the floors because popcorn ceiling removal can be a messy job so it’s important to take these preventative measures first to avoid debris on furniture and oils from the texture getting on walls.
  • We then spray the popcorn ceiling with water to moisten and soften the texture for easier removal. If the ceiling texture has a a few coats of paint on it, we’ll typically want to sand or scrape the texture off before spraying it with water because the paint seals out the water, which makes it impossible to soak. After waiting 15 minutes for the water to soak in, we use a flexible putty knife and a popcorn removal ceiling pole scraper for the actual removal process.
  • Then, we use a drywall sanding pole to remove any residual material, popcorn ceiling bits or a fairly rough coat of drywall mud underneath the ceiling. This fixes any torn off dry pieces of paper of the drywall. Then we make any necessary repairs to the drywall that were not visible with the texture. Then a spackling compound is carefully applied and allowed to dry. The compound is then sanded as needed. Finally, the ceiling is then painted in order to restore the original if not a better ceiling appearance.

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Experience comes in handy, one common mistake DIY homeowners or an inexperienced handyman will make is over saturating the popcorn coating with water from the spray bottle, which will damage the underlying drywall surface. In addition to that, in order to remove the popcorn after soaking the ceiling, it is required to glide a putty knife across the surface moving slowly with long strokes in one direction. When done incorrectly, you may damage the face of your ceiling even further. The key here is you want to avoid gouging the drywall – a process that needs a steady and professional hand. Short back and forth scrapes will certainly damage your ceiling.
As one of Charlotte’s top popcorn removal companies, Cardinal Pro Painters finishes the job cost effectively and quickly, typically in less than 5-8 days for an entire home, and we ensure an appropriate removal process to guarantee a professional finish that will modernize your home.

“Truly a professional company.

Cardinal Pro Painters gave us a quote for popcorn removal and interior painting. They delivered excellent work and finished in a short amount of time. Prices were very fair. I’ll definitely work with Cardinal Pro Painters again and recommend them to everyone!
Ben Roberts | Matthews, NC

“The Crew did a wonderful job!

Cardinal Pro Painters was recommended to me by my neighbor. Getting the estimate was very easy and the price was excellent. They showed up at 9 am everyday and finished painting my cabinets and bathrooms on schedule. Excellent work, they were tidy and very respectful.
Caitlin Davis | Charlotte, NC


Cardinal Pro Painters® wants you to have the best possible experience along the way. Whether your project is for popcorn removal or other painting services, one room or your entire home, your satisfaction is always our number one priority.

From start to finish, you can count on Cardinal Pro Painters® to deliver on our promise of professionalism, care, and quality.

We respect your schedule by arriving on time and completing our work efficiently and neatly.
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Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters
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by Ronnie L on Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

Getting a quote was extremely fast. The job was done very professionally with everything covered up. My finished ceilings look amazing, I could not be happier with the service.

by Erin N on Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

Extremely happy with the work. Thank you

by Jonathan B. on Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

Cardinal Pro Painters did an amazing job removing popcorn texture from our 2 story foyer and living room. They covered all of the floors and furniture. They worked fast and left the ceilings as if it never had the popcorn texture. Everyone in the crew was nice to work with and we plan on hiring them again in the future.

by Ana M. on Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

We had a great experience hiring Cardinal Pro Painters to remove our popcorn ceiling and smooth it out. They were very careful covering everything up to not make a mess. The ceilings look wonderful. I highly recommend Cardinal Pro Painters.

by Brian M. on Popcorn Ceiling Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

We recently moved here from out of state and purchased an older home that needed a lot of attention. We wanted to remove popcorn ceilings, paint the exterior, and tile the kitchen and baths. We didn't know contractors here so my wife went on Yelp and found Cardinal Pro Painters. We are super thrilled with the work cardinal did! They completely transformed the house! We also had new carpets put in before they started their work. They were very careful to not get debris or paint on them. Everything was covered up. They went above and beyond with every aspect of the job!