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​Cardinal Pro Painters offers Charlotte, NC and surrounding areas professional wallpaper removal services.

Our service will include labor and materials to remove your wallpaper, repair any drywall damages, prepare your walls for proper paint application, and finally applying 2 coats of high quality premium paint to the walls and areas where wallpaper was removed.

This process is often a nightmare for homeowners, but it doesn’t have to be – once it’s time to have it stripped, call Cardinal Pro Painters. The mistake most people make is to attempt the removal process themselves without comprehending the magnitude of the labor involved and the costs of repairing walls if done incorrectly. The necessary tools for removing wallpaper will differ contingent on the wallpaper type. Removal requires a handful of specialized supplies and knowledge on how to adequately use them all without affecting or defacing your walls, which is why it would be wise to call in a professional.

Not all wallpapers are the same, therefore they require different removal processes as well as products. Take this for example:

Solid sheet vinyl wallpapers are made with a 100% vinyl material and are commonly engraved to give them a textural effect. These wallpapers are quite durable and are usually easy to clean, making them easy to maintain. The good thing about vinyl wallpapers is that they tend to peel off the wall with less effort than others, leaving some of the backings on the wall, which can be removed with a specialized wallpaper removal solution.

Non-woven wallpapers are an advanced technically improved wallpaper material. They are also vinyl free making them an environmentally friendly wallpaper option, which is easy to install, maintain and remove.

Grasscloth wallpapers are made of 100% natural materials making them environmentally friendly. However, they require professional cleaning and removal. As you can see, there are different types of wallpaper material and to add on to the list, you can also find:

  • Paper wallpaper that is known to tear easily during the removal process
  • Expanded vinyl wallpaper that expands with heat
  • Acrylic or vinyl wallpapers that are easy to maintain and are not affected exposure to humidity thus making them ideal for kitchens and bathroom areas.
  • Heavy-weight Vinyl wallpapers
  • Fabric-Backed Vinyl wallpapers have a fabric backing which makes them highly durable

Beautiful Walls Are What We Do!

Removing wallpaper can be a challenging task that usually results in hundreds of small pieces coming off arduously instead of large sections coming off easily. But Cardinal Pro Painters has the expertise and experience to do it right and leave your walls looking like new again through proper removal techniques and follow up drywall repairs.

We can restore your walls beautifully, quickly, and cost-effectively. To get started, click the button below to see current prices and schedule your service.

Hire more than a handyman, hire a Professional Wallpaper Removal Contractor.

Hiring Cardinal Pro Painters, with our vast knowledge of various types of wall papers and the adhesive or paste that has been used for the backing will not only save you time, but it will save you money too because any attempt on removing old wallpaper by an inexperienced individual may incur some serious damages to your walls leaving you with an unexpected expense of having to hire someone to fix the defaced walls. While drywall or plaster can be repaired, it only adds to the time and expense of getting the job completed on time.

Removability of wallpapers

The removal process can also vary, depending on the adhesive used in the process of mounting the wall paper. For example, strippable wallpapers can be dry stripped from the wall without leaving any backing behind. They are the most removable papers on the market and usually are printed on a Non-Woven substrate. Whereas peelable wallpapers may peel off the wall, but they will leave some of the backings. The backing may come off with a simple solution of soap and water, but sometimes a wallpaper removal solution may be necessary.

Adding color to your apartment can be tough when you can’t paint or re-tile. Wallpapering your walls with, in this case, comes in handy, and they can make your rental feel like home without doing any permanent damage. When it comes to the removal process, having it professionally done by an experienced contractor is always advisable as well as beneficial. Hiring Cardinal Pro Painters is the fastest and most effective way to remove all types of wallpaper and other decorative wall coverings that will leave a clean surface for redecoration, without destroying the plaster.

We do it the right way!

We assess the age of your wallpaper in order to deduce the difficulty level of the removal process. We have specialized removal tools for special cases such as when the adhesive becomes almost cement-like that is affixed to your walls making it that much harder to remove it with normal means.

Decorative wallpaper, like textured or foils also present a removal challenge because often they have a top coating that is non-porous, which makes it more problematic and challenging for a specialized solvent to penetrate and do its job.

Dry-stripping takes a keen eye and a steady hand with a putty knife to loosen the edges of the paper and scrape the paper off the walls without damaging it.

Soaking and scraping requires a spray bottle with wallpaper removal solvent and a wallpaper scraper to perforate wallpaper applied on drywall so as to allow solvents to then penetrate to the adhesive layer being careful not to damage the drywall’s paper facing. If you don’t feel like taking the risk of fiddling around with this kind of a messy undertaking, calling Cardinal Pro Painters will certainly help you with the load.

A razor scraper that has a slot for disposable blades so that they always have a sharp edge is also necessary for a wallpaper removal project, and when a scraper is in a professional’s hands, your walls come out soft and free of wallpaper bits, glue or adhesive.

While it may seem like the logical thing to do is to add used wallpaper scraps to the contents of your recycling bin because it is predominantly made of paper, unfortunately, some types of wallpaper contain a high concentration of synthetic inks and dyes that are difficult and costly to separate from the paper, which applies to the adhesives and coatings present on the wallpaper.

In essence, most wallpapers are deemed as too polluted to be reused or recycled into usable paper.

Cleaning & Repairing Stripped Walls

The job is not complete without cleaning and repairing your walls where the drywall or plaster has been torn off – another lengthy and time-consuming task that only a professional wallpaper remover can do to a tee.

The process comprises a few steps that literally involve washing the surface of the walls, especially around the holes and rips, with a specialized solution. The next step involves smoothing off the torn edges of the drywall surface or plaster with different types of grit sandpaper in order to achieve a fine base for a resurfacing compound.

Applying the resurfacing compound is then followed by smoothing it out, then some further sanding and applying a primer. This lengthy yet detailed process takes patience, and expertise only an expert can handle so as to ensure that all your walls are ready for painting or decorating. So hire more than a handyman, hire a professional!


Nothing says fresh like newly done up walls and a new coat of paint. This is the other advantage of hiring Cardinal Pro Painters to remove your wallpaper. Applying 2 coats of high quality premium paint to the walls and areas where wallpaper was removed is the last but not final thing we will do. A punchy new color can give a dull interior a fresh new look as well as brighten up your home, which is why the prepping wall process is detailed and must be done to perfection to ensure that the walls have achieved a smooth finish. Wallpaper paste or glue can easily hide in pores of the substrate, and even when it appears as if you got it all, you can count on there being some left over.

The most important part of wallpaper stripping and removal in order to prepare for a durable paint job is to remove the wallpaper paste and seal it thoroughly. The idea is to fix all nail pops and the cracks or damages in the dry wall. Removing wallpaper is never fun. But with the right tools, the know-how, and a lot of patience, a wallpaper removal expert can help you rid a room of a dated wall covering.

This process involves a lot of sanding down the wall in order to create a smooth, even foundation that greatly enhances the final finish of paintwork. It also gives a slight roughness (very important) to the surface, and this helps the paint to stick. One must methodically work their way around the room gently sanding the surfaces using arduous circular motions so as to cover all areas.

All while running the hand over the surface of the walls to get a feel for how coarse or even the plaster is and whether it matches the area around it. Any bulges or bumps found along the way must be tackled more closely. A wallpaper removal job may also reveal some unexpected issues such as damp walls, areas that have been finished with an inappropriate paint work or worse, mold. These issues need to be treated before any paint job can start. Damp problems can be a serious concern in any home at best it can be a nuisance and make a room feel cold, unwelcoming and unhealthy, and at worst it can indicate structural or weatherproofing issues. Once the source of the damp has been fixed, the area needs to be covered with a mold removing treatment then painted with a damp seal or stain blocker paint which will ensure that the staining does not bleed through the emulsion once completed – a job best left to Cardinal Pro Painters, an experienced wallpaper removal company.

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Wallpaper Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters
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by Amanda R on Wallpaper Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

We were very pleased with the work. Our wallpaper was very old so we were unable to remove it ourselves. Cardinal Pro Painters did a great job removing it, refinishing the walls, and painting them to match the rest of the walls. George was very helpful throughout the entire process and the entire crew was very respectful and professional. We'll definitely use them again in the future.

by Lauren B. on Wallpaper Removal by Cardinal Pro Painters

Highly recommended. The painters at Cardinal Pro Painters are extremely knowledgeable. They removed wallpaper throughout our house and left the walls looking amazing. They did a lot of sanding and mudding to get the walls perfect for paint. Additionally, they removed the popcorn ceiling we had in our great room and hallways. The walls and ceiling are beautifully smooth now.