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Better Than New

Cardinal Pro Painters offers professional kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing services in Greenville SC. We want your kitchen cabinets to look gorgeous. That’s why we take the extra time to perform the proper prep work and use professional application techniques in addition to utilizing the best paints or stains available from Sherwin Williams, PPG, and Benjamin Moore.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a proper upgrade with a delightful and durable paint or stain job.

Revitalizing old and tired cabinets goes beyond fun embellishments. A breathtaking cabinet transformation is quite possible with a fresh lick of paint or stain– a job best left to a experienced cabinet painting company like Cardinal Pro Painters as it requires quite a number of procedures.

Countless homeowners want to obtain a visually appealing kitchen, and giving a face-lift to the cabinets is always the perfect place to begin. Hiring an accomplished professional in kitchen cabinet painting is always recommended when you desire to obtain the best outcomes.

Most homeowners who have become tired of their old cabinets will have them completely removed and replaced with new ones. However, putting new life into dated cabinets does not have to break the bank because done right, staining or painting cabinets can give you a budget-friendly as well as personalized solution that meets your specific needs or preferences in terms of reconditioning your cabinets.

Our Procedure for painting kitchen cabinets:

Step 1. We remove doors and hardware. ​

Step 2. We use paper, tape, and plastic to cover and protect surfaces that don’t get painted from paint and debris. ​

Step 3. We sand and clean all surfaces to be painted to prepare for proper paint adhesion. ​

Step 4. Trim, frames, and sides will be brushed. Doors will be spray-painted and reinstalled.

greenville sc cabinet staining contractor
Imagine your kitchen impeccably updated with modern colors that brighten up your space. You can realize the benefits from a complete makeover of your kitchen, for a cozy, inspirational and relaxed feeling at a affordable price by procuring the services of Cardinal Pro Painters, licensed experts who specialize in trendy and stylish kitchen cabinet painting services in Greenville SC.

The kitchen is the heart of any home and a center of family-oriented activities. Therefore, with time the countertops and cabinets begin to become worn, displaying their age and stains on the cabinet walls, doors, and handles begin to look quite unpleasant. Replacing all the cabinets is frequently a common path in many households, but it costs a lot more than painting, calling for the help of a qualified carpenter to make sure the job is done properly so as to meet all your requirements. Completely replacing your cabinets may also mean that you change the layout of your kitchen, which in a nutshell means, more money, more time and the inconvenience that sometimes comes with Rather, you can get similar benefits at a better cost by deciding to have your cabinets painted or stained.

cabinet painting in greenville sc

The Cardinal Pro Painters Difference

You need to be certain that you are making the right decision and be a discerning customer by first doing your research before purchasing the services of a cabinet painter – the very last thing you need when beginning a project of this nature is to be left with a halfway done and mediocre job that will depress you for a long time.

Efficiency also plays a role when it comes to painting a kitchen because unlike other rooms, the kitchen is the main hub and the most essential space in any home. Cardinal Pro Painters has the know-how to get the task finished with quickness and efficiency. We are skilled at completing a task of this size within no time, while upholding a high professional standard, therefore having your kitchen back in full operation.

Hire more than a handyman, Hire a professional Cabinet Contractor

Cabinet painting will look fantastic if done correctly by a experienced contractor and it is the least expensive and most effective way of breathing new life into old and drab-looking cabinets.

Nevertheless, this process does not require slathering a coat of paint on the cabinets and calling it a day. An inferior job will certainly give you the ‘quick’ changes you wanted, but this will not only leave you with a maintenance headache in the future, but your cabinets will also be challenged durability wise – a complication that will never be resolved without a complete surface preparation and repainting job.

The cabinets need to be properly disassembled; the surfaces prepared accordingly then primed with the appropriate primer and painted with a durable and environmentally friendly coat of paint so as to attain an impressive and professional finish. Is this what your kitchen needs? Then it is time to contact Cardinal Pro Painters, and experience the benefits of hiring a professional cabinet painting service provider.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when they decide to repaint the cabinets themselves is assuming that a DIY cabinet paint job is just another paint job. They don’t consider the time and preparation a cabinet painting job calls for. It can be awfully time-consuming endeavor for the homeowner, who has to juggle work, family, and other obligations to complete the task. Bringing in an experienced, professional cabinet painting contractor can make the process practically effortless. So hire more than a handyman, hire a professional!

A fresh, new paint job for your kitchen will not only improve the dull aspect of your kitchen, but it will save you a great deal of money and time when done fast and efficiently by trusted professionals, that’s what you can expect when hiring Cardinal Pro Painters.

Your Dream Kitchen

Cabinets are in fact one of the longest lasting components of your entire kitchen. Normally, high quality cabinets can last up to fifty years but a frequent conundrum that takes place with your kitchen cabinets as they begin to show signs of ageing is whether or not it makes more economic sense to get a whole new kitchen, or make smart and affordable repairs that will make a lasting impression in style and your bank.

Several factors can cause your kitchen cabinets to wear away faster, no matter their original quality. Common damages include water causing the wood to curve, mold, or bubbling up from the inside and outside – each case calls for a particular surface preparation process as well as finding and then blocking the source of the water from getting into the newly painted cabinets.

Hiring Cardinal Pro Painters will ensure that before you spend your hard earned money, time, and effort repainting your cabinets, you are getting the correct prep work as we identify and deal with problems such as mold. It is not abnormal to see moldy cabinets, especially since the kitchen is one of the most humid and often the wettest area of the home. When mold is caught early on it can be cleaned up and stopped, but when it is left unidentified, it will continue to grow and worsen. Not only does mold damage the overall veracity of your cabinets, but also large amounts of mold is detrimental to you and your family’s health. It is, therefore, very imperative to find the source of water so that the problem does not continue to occur in the future and ruin a flawless paint job.

Furthermore, if the cabinet shell is too worn for you to re-drill new holes or mount new hinges, the structure of the cabinet box will not be strong enough to support new cabinet doors. Without the ability to work with the existing wood, your entire cabinet needs to be replaced; otherwise, you risk wasting a lot of money trying to make unsuccessful repairs. Thus, before buying new doors, sanding down, or repainting your old cabinets, you should make sure that the wood is able to support new holes and hinges. All this valuable advice comes with hiring an expert.

Since cabinets can last for such a long time, refacing them means that you may require to update the doors, paint the exterior, possibly place a layer of veneer on the cabinet’s face as well as install new components, such as handles that make a refreshed statement. This method allows you to update wooden cabinets without necessarily breaking the bank. How long your cabinets last after repairs or restorations will be contingent on the expert help you hire.

Proper Prepwork to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets

Dismantling the cabinets and hardware, evaluating the damages and needed repairs, preparing the surfaces by covering the area so as to avoid getting paint or debris on your property are some of the vital steps in an excellent cabinet paint job.

We also sand all the surfaces that need to be painted as part of the preparation process for a correct paint adhesion. We do an excellent job of trimming and brushing all the frames and shells of your cabinets, and in order to achieve a smooth and impeccable finish on all your cabinet doors, we spray paint them.

Before spray painting, we’ll use a strong primer not only to create a bonding surface for paint but also to reduce the number of coverings applied. As well as creating a base for the paint, using a high quality primer leaves the pores in the permeable materials sufficiently sealed and averts the normal peeling, cracking and fading of the paint. If applied correctly, the primer will boost the life of the paint as well as improve its appearance.

While the good-old paint brush will give the same desired outcome, spray painting remains a preferred choice for professional cabinet painters because it provides flawless factory like finish and is a fast way to apply high quality paint coatings to a wide range of surfaces at a fraction of the time, unlike traditional methods that could take much longer to complete the same job. Spray painting also offers a high transfer application and a controlled atomisation resulting in a superior high quality finish on all types of surfaces that will give your cabinets a uniform appearance. Furthermore, the color of paint applied on top of the primer lasts longer than one without the primer.

After your cabinets are spray painted and totally dry, they are installed the correct way. One of the main challenges homeowners’ run into when reinstalling cabinet door fronts on without the help of a professional, is determining such confusion, we label each cabinet opening and door front with corresponding numbers marked on painter’s tape.

Modernize your drab-looking cabinets to their former glory by contacting Cardinal Pro Painters.

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