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Cabinet Painting & Refinishing Contractor in Hickory NC

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Cabinetry Should Look And Feel Like Fine Furniture

Cardinal Pro Painters offers professional Cabinet Painting in Hickory NC (and beyond). We want your cabinets to look better than new. That’s why we take the time to do the proper prep work and use professional application techniques along with using the best coatings available.

Cabinet painting is our specialty. When you hire us, your kitchen cabinets will be professionally coated via fine spray application by our experienced spray painters.

Give your kitchen or bathroom a proper remodel with a beautiful and long lasting coating.

Cabinet Painting in Hickory NC

What’s The Hype All About With Cabinet Painting?

Increase Your Home's Value

Home buyers look to the kitchen. Professional cabinet painting is an investment that pays when done right. Quality makes all the difference in the value gained from cabinet painting so hire the pros to get the best results!

Save Thousands On Your Investment

You don’t need to spend 20k on new cabinets. You don’t even need to spend 10k on cabinet refacing. Get even better results AND at a fraction of the cost with our beautiful cabinet paint coatings. 

2 Year Warranty

Your investment deserves protection. That is why we stand behind our work and offer a comprehensive 2-year warranty that covers peeling, blistering, or chipping paint. Every quote comes with a written warranty.

Cabinets + Paint = ❤

New homes now come with painted cabinets. Kitchen remodels almost always include painted cabinets. Your neighbors have probably switched over to painted cabinets. Turn on HGTV, need I say more? Treat your family to a beautiful kitchen.

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Experience Better Than New Cabinets

We use an industrial wood coating made from the highest quality acrylic resins that is both hard enough to resist scratches yet flexible enough to endure bends and deformation.

Our premium waterborne coating is safe to spray inside your home (when done with our air exhaust & filter equipment), extremely durable and mildew resistant, and levels out to an amazingly smooth and rich finish when skillfully applied via spray application on a machine sanded surface by a trained spray painter.

Fine furniture grade paint on your cabinets will add value to your home. Regular trim paint on your cabinets may decrease the value of your home. So call the pros and let’s make your kitchen look amazing!

Questions You Need To Ask Your Cabinet Painter

1. What type of coating do you use? And is it safe?

Yes, Cardinal Pro Painters uses the highest quality industrial wood coatings. They are also low VOC and safe to spray in your home.

Many regular house painters are painting cabinets with standard trim paint (such as Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane) which are not strong enough to hold up to regular kitchen use.

2. How do you sand the cabinets?

Cardinal Pro Painters uses the SurfPrep sanding system because the foam abrasive pads contour to the shape of the wood to allow thorough sanding not achievable by standard pads.

3. How do you control dust & keep the air clean?

Cardinal Pro Painters will bring and run a high velocity cylinder air mover with filters and an exhaust hose to control air quality. This is to keep your home clean, and just as important, to prevent dust particles from affecting the paint as it dries.

4. Are you insured?

You can feel safe when you hire Cardinal Pro Painters. We carry general liability insurance to protect the customer from accidents. Don't take the risk of hiring an uninsured contractor or you may be liable for any accidents.

5. Do you have reviews/testimonials?

Cardinal Pro Painters has lots of 5 star reviews on Google & Facebook. We have also won many accolades such as being voted a Top Painter on Expertise.com and TopRatedLocal.com, research and validation guides that identifies top local service professionals.

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Nothing Is As Impactful For Your Kitchen Than Professionally Painted Cabinets

Sprucing up old and tired cabinets is fast, convenient, and affordable. A breathtaking cabinet makeover is quite possible with a top quality paint coating – a job best left to a professional cabinet painting company like Cardinal Pro Painters as it involves quite a number of procedures.

Many homeowners hope to create a visually charming kitchen, and sprucing up the cabinets is always the best place to start. Hiring an experienced professional in kitchen cabinet painting is always recommended when you want to achieve the best outcomes.

Most homeowners who have outgrown their old cabinets will have them altogether removed and replaced with new ones. However, breathing life into dated cabinets does not need to break the bank because done right, painting cabinets can provide a budget-friendly as well as customized solution that meets your specific goals.

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of the Home. Cabinets Are The Heart Of The Kitchen.

Imagine your kitchen immaculately updated with modern colors that brighten up your space. You can have the benefits from a complete makeover of your kitchen, for a cozy, inspiring and relaxed feeling at a cost-effective rate by securing the services of Cardinal Pro Painters, experienced experts who specialize in modern and stylish kitchen cabinet painting services in Hickory NC.

The kitchen is the heart of any home and a center of family-oriented activities. Therefore, with time stained cabinets can begin to show signs of age. Replacing all the cabinets is often a common approach in many households, but it costs a lot more than painting, requiring the help of a qualified carpenter to make sure the job is done right to meet all your requirements. Replacing your cabinets may also mean that you change the layout of your kitchen, which means more money, more time and the inconvenience that sometimes comes with renovating a whole kitchen. Instead, you can get similar benefits at a lower price by choosing to have your cabinets professionally painted.

Our Process For Painting Kitchen Cabinets

It’s actually an 11 step process which will be outlined in your quote. Here is a brief summary:

1. Set up plastic, tape, & paper.

2. Remove doors, drawer fronts, & hardware.

3. Thoroughly clean and machine sand cabinets.

4. Set up high velocity air mover with filter and exhaust hose to control air quality. Scuff sanding before each coat, coat cabinets multiple times via fine-spray application.

*You do not need to remove items from your cabinet boxes

Check Out Some of Our Recent Reviews:

These are just a small sample of our many recent reviews on Google & Facebook.

We're the best-reviewed cabinet painting company in the Carolinas.

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The Cardinal Pro Painters Difference

You want to be sure that you are making the right decision and be a discerning customer by first doing your research before acquisitioning the services of a cabinet painter – the very last thing you need when starting a project of this nature is to be left with a half done and sloppy job that will depress you for a long time.

Efficiency also matters when it comes to painting a kitchen because unlike any other room, the kitchen is the main hub and the most important area in any home. Cardinal Pro Painters has the experience to get the job done with speed and efficiency.

We are skilled at completing a project of this scale in little time, while maintaining a high professional standard, therefore having your kitchen back in full operation quickly.

Hire more than a handyman, Hire a Professional Cabinet Painter

Cabinet painting will look great if done properly by a knowledgeable contractor and it is the least expensive and most effective way of breathing new life into old and drab-looking cabinets.

However, this process does not involve slathering a coat of paint on the cabinets and calling it a day. A substandard job will definitely give you the ‘quick’ changes you wanted, but this will not only leave you with a maintenance problem in the future, but your cabinets will also be challenged durability wise – a problem that will never be resolved without a complete surface preparation and repainting job.

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A Professionally Applied Durable Coating Will Save You Money Down The Road.

One of the biggest problems homeowners face when they decide to repaint the cabinets themselves is assuming that a DIY cabinet paint job is just another paint job. They don’t consider the time and preparation a cabinet painting project entails.

Bringing in an experienced, professional cabinet painting contractor can make the process practically painless. So hire more than a handyman, hire a professional!

A fresh, new paint job for your kitchen will not only make your kitchen look new, but it will save you a great deal of money and time when done quickly and efficiently by trusted professionals, that’s what you can expect when hiring Cardinal Pro Painters.

Ready to Love Your Cabinets?