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Kitchen cabinets, pantries, and drawers are some of the most used areas in our homes. We all know we have to have multiple tools, appliances, and gadgets to create meals snacks and various beverages.

Over time our kitchens have improved. They have gotten larger. Appliances are more efficient and do more to make our lives easier. If there is a food you enjoy, you can bet there is a gadget to create it. But they still fall short.

The problem with modern kitchens

Space is a wonderful thing. But open space is not enough to allow us to run our homes efficiently. When you open your cupboard or drawer and everything you have is thrown in, it is frustrating to have to dig for the items you need, especially if your food is at the stage where it needs it now.

Expert solutions

It takes an expert in cabinetry to solve these issues. There are a lot of big box stores where you can go and buy average cabinets. They may have a few additional features, but they probably look very much like the cabinets and storage areas everyone has.

What if you could remodel your kitchen with European design wood or glass materials, that incorporate accessory cabinets, roll out spice holder, slide in and spin accessory holders? These items and much more are available right now by professional home remodelers, right now. You would be amazed at the advantages that a qualified vendor can give you. Usually, the cost is much less than you think. Click here for more info.

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Ideas an expert can design for you

  • Get your microwave, toaster, and blender off the counters with a kitchen cabinet built just for these items. There can be drawers below and small shelves above. Mount a surge protector on the back to plug everything into. You then only need one outlet for all your small appliances.
  • How about a horizontal, rolling pantry. The inside doors are mounted with wire racks for most used items. Metal dish racks hold plates and salad plates securely. A slide out wine glass holder, hold the glasses by the base and the pantry can be rolled anywhere. It can be an island, or it can be rolled against a wall to be used as a wine station or dessert station.
  • Your builder can install wide, vertical shelves for wire racks to place your pans and lid. Pots can be hung from hooks on the other side of the cabinet. A wire rack inside the door holds cooking spray, olive oils, and other items that you use every day.
  • Moveable “wrap stand” place your foil, plastic wrap, and sandwich bags in a stack. Push the stand against the side to hold everything into place.
  • Roll out under the sink shelves for kitchen and bathroom.
  • Place stick-on name badge covers to the front of each veggie bend in the refrigerator or pantry shelf where staple items are kept. Use color-coded cards to let you know when you bought the items. Attach the color cards on the side of the fridge. This should be easy. Example the green card is for the drawer that contains foods bought the 1st week of the month. A yellow card may be for week two. Blue for week three, and red for week four. If you only have two drawers, have a divider to separate them.


Using basic, home improvement stores gets you basic home improvements. If you want to invest in your home, increase your property value, or just live comfortably, call an expert. Let a professional builder give your home a personal touch.