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Recliners are our favorite pieces of furniture, they are relaxing, comfortable, and durable. We spend hours sleeping, eating, and sitting on them, so it is understandable when they get stained or dirty. They have high chances of getting stained and damaged from exposure to the sun. While eating, we may by mistake spill drinks on them or if you have pets in your house, there can be a lot of animal hairs on your recliners. Above all, it can be challenging to protect them from everyday dust and bad odor. Since they have high usage, it’s better to take good care of them and maintain them properly.

Just like any other piece of furniture, your recliners require maintenance and proper cleaning to last long, especially if you have placed them in your television lounges. There are many types of recliners such as wooden recliners or automatic recliners and for preserving the quality, every recliner needs care.

Here we have some useful tips on how you keep your favorite recliner in good condition so that it can last for years.

Here are a few tips which may help you in maintaining your recliners: 

  • Sitting On the Same Spot


We all have that one spot on our recliners where we feel the most comfortable and relaxed. No matter how much we try to avoid doing it, we end up sitting on the same spot every day. But what we all need to understand is that using the same spot to sit every time can be damaging for our recliners. It can become worn out or saggy from that one place.

It is better to keep changing your sitting spots so that it doesn’t appear over-used from just one place. Moreover, the distribution of weight evenly can also help you keep it from sagging in that one area.

  • Avoid Jumping


This is the first thing you should stop doing if you are already feeling guilty after reading this heading. No matter how much you weigh, jumping or throwing yourself on your recliner is bad for its health. If you throw yourself on it, no matter how disappointed you are by watching that episode of your favorite series, you will end up damaging your recliner’s frame and it will become less supportive. Moreover, if you have kids, then they are also going to jump on it. Try to break their habit and teach them to sit gently on the recliners. Otherwise, if kids continue to play games and jump on the recliners soon the recliners will start squeaking and sagging.

  • Don’t Forget To Vacuum


This might sound very cliché, but keeping you recliners from getting dirty is a tough job. Just like you vacuum your carpet every other day, you should give the same treatment to your recliners. The dust can cause allergies and can also ruin the quality of your recliner’s material. Vacuum it every other day or once in a week, whatever suits you, so that you can enjoy using it for a longer time.

  • That’s a Recliner, Not a Bed


Recliners are there for you to sit and not lay down to sleep. If you are laying on your recliner for an extended period, you are damaging it and providing a way for it to become saggy. You can take a short nap if you are that lazy to make it to your bedroom, but sleeping or laying on it for more than an hour can be bad.

  • Wrong Cleaner


Do not use the all-purpose cleaner if you want your recliner to last a few more years. Pick the cleaner carefully, check if it is made for the material of your recliner. The cleaner’s formula can be damaging if you choose the wrong one. It can ruin the recliner’s quality and you won’t even know where it all went wrong. Therefore use a gentle leather cleaner or a sofa cleaner which is specially made to use on leather furniture.

  • Protect the Upholstery


Want to preserve the fine appearance of your upholstery? Keep it from getting unsightly in the first place. Make a rule against eating on the recliner. This can help you save your recliner’s material from getting stained or untidy. But if you still want to eat on your recliner, put a protective layer over it, be it a blanket or a cover.

  • Keep it Away From the Sunlight


You do understand that your sofas and recliners do not need sunlight to gain any vitamin D, right? Placing your recliner on a location where sunlight directly hits it, can damage its material. It can fade the fabric. It is better to cover that window that brings in the sunlight to keep your recliner from getting ruined. Or simply place your recliner in the area where it doesn’t get exposed to the sunlight.

  • Clean Immediately!


If you have mistakenly spilled something on your recliner, clean immediately to keep it from getting stained. The longer you ignore it, the worse it will get. Stains on sofas and recliners can be permanent and very ugly. Tackle it right away so that the spill doesn’t stain your recliner.

  • Rules are Rules


You have spent a handsome amount on your recliner so do not let anything keep you from preserving its quality and durability. Set some rules and protect your investment. No eating, jumping, sleeping or any other activity that will cause it to get damaged. Especially if you have kids around teach them the house rules and make sure they comply with it.

  • Regular Maintenance


It is better to take care of the regular maintenance of your recliner to keep it in good working condition. Make sure the seats are not saggy are and the frame is not damaged from anywhere. It might be time-consuming but it is worth doing. Just like any other piece of furniture, recliners work fine when they get proper cleaning and regular maintenance. Fixing small issues is far better than spending a lot of money later on to replace it.


Just like us humans, furniture requires care and love too. Especially the expensive pieces. Cleaning and maintenance of your furniture can preserve its life and make it appear brand new. This is why you must choose the right cleaner for your furniture. An all-purpose cleaner will not be suitable for every material. Making rules will help too. After all, you have spent a lot and you have every right to be concerned about it. A good and reliable furniture store will provide you information about cleaning and maintenance when you buy a piece of furniture. However, it is still better to read customer reviews, if you are buying it online. You should be extra careful when you are moving your furniture from one place to another. Carrying it in the wrong ways can also be damaging. So now you can keep your recliners in great condition and can enjoy them for years!