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  1. Go through inspirational pieces

Use catalogs and magazines to find some inspiration. Alternatively, you could skim through your favorite television shows to look through the color palettes of the homes. Websites and apps like Pinterest and Instagram are insightful too. They offer many creative ideas on how to blend colors. Prints on beddings, couches, and clothes, among other items, could also provide a lot of insight on a new color palette for your home.

  1. Consider neutral colors

Neutral colors are underestimated when selecting palettes for home interiors. These colors offer the room a laid-back and calming effect that most colors fail to provide. In addition to this, selecting a neutral color for a wall adds a sophisticated feeling to the room. Moreover, using neutral colors will increase your color options. This is because neutral colors blend well with most colors. This option will make your home ooze a soothing and relaxed vibe.
If neutral is too tame for you and you want to have a pop of color or add more personality to your home, consider adding an accent wall. A neutral painted room with an accent wall can give that bit of extra life to your home without being too overpowering or going overboard, providing a perfect balance of color. You can even use a different paint texture or finish on your accent wall to give it that extra bit of depth.
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  1. Outdoor colors

As you go to work or take your morning run, look around your environment for inspiration. It could be the flowers in your neighbor’s landscape, the color of the beach, or the different colors in a bouquet of flowers. You could sample your favorite color with these outdoor-inspired colors to create an amazing home palette. In addition to this, make sure your artificial lighting blends with these colors. This is because the natural light might provide a slightly different shade from that of the artificial lighting.