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Almost everyone follows the basic summer guide by keeping themselves hydrated and applying the right amount of sunscreen on their exposed skin. Even after doing the basics, there are still some safety measures that can help you survive the intense summer heat smoothly.

For instance, one can avoid going out and staying under the sun for too long, but what about the temperature inside their houses and workplaces? No matter how much you stay ahead of the safety trends, you’ll still struggle to do the most for your protection because of the lack of knowledge.

Summer is just around the corner, and while everyone is excited about the outdoor fun, some worry about the temperature inside their houses as well. You can shelter yourself from the scorching sunlight by avoiding exposure, but you can’t avoid staying in your house for the whole season. Shade Sails Online offers high-quality services to save the house from burning. 

You need to employ all types of protection measures to ensure that your summer days are spent in bliss inside the comfort of your house. The task might seem taxing and monumental, but with a bit of help and well-thought effort, you can do plenty for yourself and your family. 

We have gathered a list of things you can do to make your house’s environment comfortable and cozy in the upcoming summer heat. Our main focus is not only on the house’s insulation but on its airing and deflection of heat as well. 

Read ahead to find out more:

Insulate Your House

The first and foremost thing you can do to protect your house from the effects of the summer heat is by insulating its walls. And this isn’t something you can do when your house is already built but rather plan it way before the start of your house’s construction.  

There are insulation materials and protective layers that you can put inside your wall to minimize the reception of heat from your house’s core. Talk with your builder and architecture and share your concerns with them. If you’ve hired professionals of the construction field, then chances are they’ll take care of these matters without you asking them to do so specifically. 

Shelter Your House

We all know that AC is the most conventional way to keep your house cool and cozy in the summer, but this measure is not affordable for most households. No matter how scarcely you use this resource, your electricity bill will skyrocket and add strain on your already struggling budget. 

Aside from that, continuous use of AC has several damaging effects on your environment as it increases the heat of the outside environment drastically. It is better to use cooling measures that are environment-friendly and affordable instead of settling for the basic. 

We have listed some tips to save your house from the burning sun without harming your environment and your bank account.

Cover The Windows

It is the easiest thing you can do to save your house from the scorching heat of the sunlight. Cover your windows with curtains, fabric panels, glossed windows, stenciled designs, and several other materials to block the UV rays from entering your house. 

These methods might seem insignificant and inefficient, but they have proved their worth by staying in the trend for years. Take curtains, and for example, their presence is as old as the existence of the houses themselves. Over the years, their shape, design, and size have changed, but they still serve the same purpose that is shielding your house from the sunlight. 

As opposed to the origin of curtains, fabric panels are more recent in the industry. Their short history doesn’t undo the fact that they’ve served their purpose of deflecting the sunlight efficiently.  Both of these window covers can be moved away from the glass screen whenever you feel like basking in the warm sunlight. 

The glossed and fogged window screens are permanent changes in your house’s layout. You can open the windows to air the room, but that will expose your house to other natural vices as well. Curtains and fabric panels seem to be the best options for covering your windows in the summer. 

Protect Your Patio & Driveway 

Your patio and driveway are also part of your house and should be sheltered from the beaming sunlight as well. Shade sails are the most recommended solution to shield your house from the intense heat of the summer. They not only protect your house but your other properties like patio furniture and cars from burning up as well.  

All you need to do is order shade sails online or buy them from your trusted source and install them in your house using adjustable rope lengths and D-rings.  These shade sails can also be installed outside your house’s windows and provide them with the ultimate cover from the glaring sunlight.

Minimize The Heat Impact

It might sound extreme, but you must do everything in your resource and power to keep the heat out of your house.  Install a green shade over your house’s roof if its structure favors the set-up. This way, you will be able to deflect the sunlight completely, and once your rooftop cools down, your whole house will experience its cooling effects. 

Some Other Measures


We have discussed the main causes that affect the temperature of your house so far but fixing some small things in your house can make a big difference as well.  Some of these small yet significant measures are discussed below:

  • Make sure that your electric appliances are not overheating. Put them under shade as it helps in minimizing the load on their machines.
  • Make sure your refrigerator and AC are expelling their heat outside of your house via an outlet. Their machines’ heat can raise the temperature of the room they are placed in exponentially. 
  • Remove the conventional means of lighting with LEDs in your house since they emit minimum heat and conserve energy as well. 
  • Try to use as little lighting in your house as possible. Switch off unnecessary electrical appliances, bulbs, and heat sources to minimize the heat effect in your house as well as conserve electricity. 


We all know how exciting summer can be because of all the exciting BBQ parties and swimming pool fun. But the season isn’t all fun and games and can damage your skin and health immensely since it is heavy on the UV exposure. 

You can adopt several safety measures to protect yourself outside the house, but the temperature in your house needs equal attention as well. Keep in mind what we’ve discussed so far to enjoy your summer to the fullest!